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How about some design ADD? I'm at it again. I consider finishing painting the kitchen cabinets, while I'm making over the bedroom, oh and I just got new living room curtains. So why not throw in a bathroom makeover while we're at it? 

Our current bathroom is enough to give one the blues. It hasn't changed much since we bought it either. I removed some wallpaper trim and that's about it. The toilet and tub are almond [boo]. There's plenty of drywall damage from 20 plus years of living. And the tile is ... ack.

And here's our inspiration board!

bathroom makeover

The first thing we will do is trade out the 80's builder grade vanity for this floating one at Ikea. We will be trading out the lighting for something simple like this one. But I'm most excited about the wall of tile I'll be putting behind the vanity. I'm thinking something simple but unexpected like this hexagon mother of pearl tile. Since it's a small space, we can afford to go a little classy. 

On top of the tile I want a wooden mirror to pick up on the dark cork flooring. This is the same flooring that young house love used in their kitchen and since they do their homework, I know I'm safe. I also like that it will hide my hair because lord knows it's all over the place. I love this mirror but will have to find something a little cheaper. 

I'll be using a very long waffle shower curtain to keep things simple and clean. We will be getting a new white toilet and I have a plan to take care of the almond tub. And because I can't help myself in terms of color, I'll be adding a fun printed rug like this one, and pink peshtemal hand towels. And we may add a little basket underneath for extra towels or toilet paper but I'm not sure I want to clutter up the look. We may just leave that for the linen closet that's in there [which needs to be cleaned out]. 

But for now, all I've bought is a tiny trash can on clearance at Target and this little towel bar. Sorry, UO isn't being very friendly and I can't save the photo for the life of me. Let alone pin it! 

Regardless, I'm very excited for this makeover. I tried to keep it pretty simple and not too loud since the hallway is just that. And another thing? Because I'm absolutely nuts, I want to do this makeover with money that we've gotten via selling things on Craigslist. So hold on because this may be a very long [and crazy] makeover. But we've already been emptying out the garage and guest bedrooms and ridding ourselves of things we didn't need. We've made about $200. So let's hope this is a somewhat realistic goal. I'm also thinking of a yard sale once it warms up too! 

So is anyone interested in a mahogany tv stand. Anyone? 

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