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I have been dying to show you guys this latest project of mine. It’s a good weekend project but mine may have taken two… Let’s blame it on project ADD and the fact that I can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time. Our entry closet didn’t always look like this, I’m sad to say. In the beginning we had hanging shoe racks that left me feeling ‘meh.’ Then we resorted to this:

What? You don't keep a jumbo-sized collection of t.p. in your closet? There's no better way to greet your guests around here. It [this setup, not the t.p.] seemed like an amazing idea at the time. We had found glass front bookcases on Craigslist and we no longer needed our media stand. So, I took off the doors and removed the shelves, keeping them in the garage for a future sale/reuse. It fit perfectly in our entryway. I found some baskets at Target that fit well and we used that for our shoe storage. Holy me oh my. The closet was a bit gloomy so seeing at night [even with the lights on] was a task itself. Not to mention the digging. Oh the horrid digging! It would often follow with, “honey, have you seen my grey/brown/black/rainbow boots?!” I’m kidding. I don’t have rainbow boots… yet. Feel free to add expletives to that scenario.

I had had enough. And I had been brainstorming. I’ve found the best choices we've made in our home have been the problems I’ve pondered for awhile. Mulling them over, thinking of new ideas, considering what issues would come about with said new ideas. It works for us. So I had already thought of adding shoe cubbies. But I knew I wanted to make them seem built-in and thought they’d make a great selling point to the house as well in the future. So I devised a plan. MUAHAHAHHAHA.

After some measurements and looking online, I went with Target’s Closetmaid line. In reality, there wasn’t much to choose from online or in stores. Plus, I wanted something close by in case I needed to make returns. It turns out that three units would work perfectly for our closet [when standing up]. After assembling them at home we placed them inside the closet just to be sure they fit before we went any further. They didn’t but I had expected they wouldn’t since I had measured wall to wall, not accounting for the trim. After removing the quarter round, they fit snuggly. All was wonderful. We painted the closet a light taupe [can’t seem to find the name] and repainted all the trim white. I also spray painted the little bracket since it was yellow-y. I wouldn’t mind staining the wooden bar in the future. We just didn’t get around to it and it doesn’t bother me that much.


Next, we laid down a piece of wood for the base. I think it was pine from Lowes. I just found something that was the right height and width. We were able to trim it to size. I knew I wanted a base because I wanted it to be built-in, which meant using quarter round molding along the bottom. It would look silly if I just added it to the cubbies so I built the base up in order to give the quarter round something to attach itself to. We nailed it into the floor, as much as it killed me. Only in the very back, enough to keep it from moving, so please no judging. We placed the cubbies on top.

Then we added quarter round trim to the bottom and sides. We found these perfect pieces of wood in the lumber section too. I have no idea what to call them but they remind me of a paint stir-er except that they are straight. We painted them and added them to the sides to hide the small gap. Oscar even managed to cut an intricate edge so that it went over the molding nicely.

The top was another piece of wood from the lumber department that had already been precut. Again, we just shortened it and stained it with the Miniwax’s walnut stain. I think I’ll add some polyurethane down the road because it seems to collect dust. We attached it through the bottom of the cubbies with screws. I love how it really sealed the deal for the “built-in” look. Grr baby, grrr!

 Then we just caulked in between the cubbies and the quarter round in order to hide a little gap. 

I'm so in love with it. Check it out...


I was a complete ditz so this is a little update I meant to add from the very beginning... A little budget breakdown for ya!

3 cubbies- $105
top and bottom wood- $35
caulk and trim nails $7
quarter round moulding- free/on hand
paint- had from previous projects
baskets- had on hand/free

Total = $147

Not bad, eh? In the future I may add some strips in between where the cubbies meet to hide the fact that it isn't one big piece. For now, we haven't found something that works. The veneer I've seen has been to wide [but I haven't looked online yet] and the little pieces of wood we used on the sides stick out to far beyond the bench top. I'll keep you posted!

And just because it wouldn't be a project without a little animal action...

Gotta love that dangling leg action, huh? Hooray for easy and fun upgrades that go the mile. Any fun weekend projects for you guys lately??

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