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There’s no recipe today. I’m in one of those ‘order in’ phases. And to be honest, I feel like I’ve given you all of my favorites for now. So until I experiment more and get a few more under my belt, I’m not sure that the recipes will be coming back. Instead, I wanted to do a bit of a ‘round-up’ from the blogosphere out there. Not sure what else to call it… Besides an excuse for me to parooze the internets. Pinterest is now considered working. Yeah, just ponder that for a moment. 

I really enjoyed Just a Girl’s tutorial on extending her cabinets to the ceiling with molding. This is something I would like to do on the one wall in the kitchen [the other wall has a soffit that I would love to get rid of as well]. It’s clean and bright. And now that we’ve mastered cutting angles, I think we could handle it ;) And I'm head over heels for the butcher block, marble, and white cabinets. Someone knows the way to my heart...

I saw a little factoid floating around pinterest with a how-to on cleaning the bathroom fan. However, it really consisted of wiping the exterior while it was running. So after more research I found this link which was super detailed and had little cartoon pictures to help visual learners like myself. Did you know that these fans are used just to circulate? I felt silly because I always thought the air went out of the house [which made me uber paranoid]. So basically if you see dust, it’s just getting recirculated. Yay for allergy ridden folks like myself!

I loved Oh Happy Day’s’ post about her party closet. I have a design closet that I always visit when I’m making over the mantle or redoing a room so I can totally relate. I feel like if I had something more put together and in one space I would end up entertaining more often. Make a trip for flowers and food and boom- you have a party. Check out all her garlands too- the girl is creative!

The last two are from The Little Green Notebook. The first one I found was this fabric covered rast dresser. What blew my mind was the fact that I literally saw something so similar at Pier 1 this weekend. I even snapped a picture, laughed at the $350 price tag, and thought how Katie would comment on how she could make it herself. Boom. Someone already did. Here is the Pier 1 version I liked in the store:

And here is the fabric covered one that was diy'd on the left:

Check out another rast makeover. I love this because I attempted to rescue a campaign dresser and it didn’t work out. Turns out when you buy it off Craigslist, only to realize it isn’t real wood, there’s not a lot to help a dresser out. It’s still sitting in the garage. I’m thinking of just taking the hardware and running. Especially after finding these inspirational beauties online:

The one on the left is a kitchen at Hunted Interior [she's my newest favorite] and the one on the right is from Maggie Rose Interiors. I love the unexpected use of it in the kitchen. It really makes things seem built in and more stately. Grrr. 

Hope you enjoyed!

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