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Hello! I’m so excited for next week. I have my blog makeover I’m awaiting to reveal as well as a fun project I’ve been working on! Until then, here’s some pretty things to keep your design thirst squelched. First up, I love this photo… 

 It’s actually from a shopping website and the picture is meant to feature a certain sold out pillow. But I love the cubes as a coffee table [and the fact that they're textured]. On top of the fun color and texture, I think this living room would be a lot of fun. And who doesn't love a good feature pallet wall?

And have you seen this little makeover at The Little Green Notebook? It makes me wish I had some hardcore reupholstering skills. 

These were sent to a professional and were covered with outdoor fabric- such a great idea for kid rooms! I love the pop of the yellow. Can you imagine it as the little girl grows to be a teenager? I can see it paired with black and grey for a moodier feeling and lots of pillows!

And I’m in love with this living room makeover. It’s pretty posh and trendy. I LOVE the couch and pillow combo as well as those metal and leather chairs! I seriously wonder if any children or animals live there! 


I’m also digging these batik pillows from etsy. They’re worldly and fun but still affordable. Love that mix of pattern and fun colorful trim.

I’ve also had my eye on something like this for a long time.  

I wouldn’t mind getting one cheap [I’ve seen them at our goodwill stores sometimes] and spray painting it. It would look really cute on a stack of books. And if you get queasy or all animal rights-y about this… just google naturally shed antlers. No killing bambies necessary!

Here's to a busy, somewhat-on-call four day weekend. There will be d-i-ying, blogging, and dentist-ing. Boo to dentists. Why must teeth be necessary!? 

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