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Once a month my bestie-sans-blog will be dropping by with a little project. She wants to share, and I don't mind giving up a day of blogging. I think we know who is getting the better end of this deal! But alas, I'll let her introduce herself...

Hi, I’m Kate. I’ll admit it, I’m a total cheapskate with a love for all things DIY and craft related. And while I admire the drive, determination, and dedication that bloggers have, I can’t imagine doing it full time. Truth is, I just like making cute things and photographing them. So, once a month my best friend is going to let me play pretend on her blog and feature one of my little projects. Hope you enjoy!  

"Today’s subject: Easter eggs. Don’t be fooled, they’re not just for kids anymore. A quick search on pinterest yields more egg dyeing techniques than you can shake a stick at – marbled, tie-dyed, gold leafed, the list goes on. As a self-proclaimed pinterest addict, I was feeling very pinspired this year to get creative and make up for two decades of mediocre egg dyeing.

I’m not gonna lie, no matter how obsessive compulsive careful you try to be, egg dyeing is a messy sport. I suggest doing this in a room with wipeable surfaces and to lay down a couple of layers of newspaper to make clean up a breeze. Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get this party started! First things first, you’re gonna need some hardboiled eggs (super cute egg crate optional).

Did you know that you don’t have to buy those silly little egg dyeing packs? You can totally rebel and use food coloring or even fruits and vegetables to obtain beautiful colors. I decided to use food coloring simply because I already had it on hand. In addition, you’re gonna need: jars/containers (one for each color), boiling water, vinegar, paper towels, a drying rack, and random office/craft supplies from around your house. The last bit is the fun part – just walk around your house and look for anything that you can stick or wrap around your egg to create a pattern. The possibilities are endless! For instance, I gathered up some rubber bands, crayons, and old fabric and got started.

Basic steps for any egg dyeing noobs:

1.) To each container, add a tablespoon of vinegar. This is what makes the eggshell “colorfast”. If you omit this step, your eggs wont accept any color and you’ll be sad. 2.) Add about a cup of hot water (depending on the size of your container, you may need more or less. Just be sure there’s enough water to completely cover an egg). Now,you’re ready for color! 3.) Add about 10-15 drops of dye to each container. If you’re feeling wild and crazy, you can even mix dyes to create new colors, too.

For my first design I attempted a “plaid” look by wrapping rubberbands around the eggs and dipping them in multiple colors. I achieved the best results by dipping the eggs in three colors, starting with the lightest and adding rubberbands with each subsequent dip.

For my second design, I simply scribbled patterns on the eggs using a white crayon. This was super easy and fun. The only problem was that it was a little difficult to see where/what I had drawn since it was white one white. I adore the whimsical look of these eggs!

For my third design, I cut a 6X6 square of lace fabric, wrapped it around the egg, and secured it with a rubber band. I wasn’t sure if this would work or not, but what can I say, I’m a risk taker. The end result was soft, but beautiful! It gave the egg a subtle textured look. I’m sure this could be done with other fabrics, as long as they’re thin enough and have a pattern or weave (read: cheesecloth, tulle, etc.)

For my fourth and final design, I jumped on the ombre train. I used some little dessert glasses my mom had because they held the egg upright and in place. I started with a small amount of liquid that was super concentrated (I added a few extra drops of dye). After a few minutes, I added some plain water to dilute the liquid and achieve the medium color. And finally, to get the lightest top color, I carefully took the egg out of the cup and dipped the top into the liquid for a second or two.

And now for some close ups:"

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