february 2013 insta-dump

February was a good month for the most part. There was a decent amount of call but it's my birthday month so there was some celebrating to be had. Looking over this month's photos I was a little disturbed with how dark my photos were [consistently] so that's something I hope to change. I'm also working on ten projects simultaneously here and hope to share something with you this week. 

1. Most importantly, above all other things, I bought this beautiful mirror from Ballard Designs. The sale could have been better but from my snooping around on the site, it doesn't seem they do big sales. So I managed what savings I could and he went home with me. The debut is coming ;]

2. I took niece #4 [otherwise known as Tea] shopping for her birthday. I'm ashamed to tell you when her actual birthday took place, so I won't. But the teenage trends in the stores we paroozed were beyond frightening. I officially felt old. 

3. Our bedroom curtains are wonderful. They are whimsical and light. It's amazing how some real window treatments can make a room feel so much more complete. 

4. Charlie. Can't ever get enough of him. 

5. Went to brunch with some ladies from work. $30 plate. A small buffet to start, 3 courses, and unlimited mimosas and pointsettas. It was a good way to start the day.

6. I wore real clothes. This needed to be noted. 

7. Checking out in chick-fil-a and the person in front of me paid for my order. How is that for being amazing?? I'm waiting for the right moment to pay it forward.

8. Check out these knobs from Hobby Lobby. My favorite was the blue striped one. But I love that hammered gold one as well!

9. I painted our bathroom grout and it saved me tons of cursing and scrubbing. I love easy short cuts. 

10. A little present from the bestie. She literally bought me a box of pencils [just so I could use the box since it had a cute pattern] and a Hershey bar. The girl knows me.

11. My sister and me way back when! Unfortunately, I did not inherit those tanning genes. Pure red-lobster-skin over here! 

12. I was so in love with these Nate Berkus finds and even happier that the first wave of his Target goodness wasn't his last. Not sure if he will become a Target regular but I'm happy to see his stuff! Well... you know what I mean. 

13. There has been a lot of spray painting over here. I'm practically huffing 24/7. I bet that offended someone but it's staying. 

14. If you have something that needs to get done, my cat will sleep on it. Maybe he knew that templates aren't my thing. Rather, I prefer the 'five holes behind a frame' method of galleries. 

15. Sometimes I wish I had a kid just so I could buy them something, and then kick them out of said fort/cardboard castle/play home. 

1 & 2. I watercolored for the first time [since the first grade] and it went well. Nothing like art for free-ninety-nine! Ombre and watercolor and mumford and sons combined. Doesn't get much better. 

3. Cooking Light's nutella baklava with a few changes. Life. Changing. Do it. 

4. If you ever hesitated in categorizing me as a cat-lady. By all means, go ahead. 

5. More of baby me in flashback friday. 

6. I finally got my home tour up to date [although I'm quickly making changes and will have to re-up it soon. 

7. I turned the big 2-6 this month. Holy Moly! Oscar managed to get me cheesecake which was really weird since I had been thinking of this same cheesecake from TGIFridays for an entire week and hadn't mentioned it to him. I wonder what other thoughts he hears...

8. Our gallery wall once again, demo style.

9. I'm a habitual list maker and it's sickening. You can find half crossed out ones all over the house.

10. Still juicing it up on the weekdays. I drink coffee on the weekends to keep myself sane.

11. Katie and I covered some mats in leftover linen and they look divine. 

12. I love this photo. It was the perfect snow day. An unexpected day off [unheard of for nurses], a cuddly puppy, and warm coffee. I spy painters tape...

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