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I find as time goes on I'm more attracted to rooms that push the boundaries. Bright colors and fun prints that don't necessarily scream grown-up. Here are a few tours that I really enjoyed...

I LOVE this makeover. First of all, the color and texture are there. There are unexpected twists. I also love when rooms pull double duty. Sometimes I regret the larger home we bought. We really "missed out" on the woes of apartment living and learning how to store things/ purge things. I'm sure anyone who has or is renting is rolling their eyes! Here goes:

I'm in love with the fact that the dresser is such a fun color. The rug, desk chair, and desk knobs are adorable. As is the fun, colorful pillows. I could see myself in this room.

The next home tour is a bit more country but I can totally appreciate this lady's style. You have to check out her blog to get the full taste of some serious before and after's. 


I'm in love with the navy and yellow combo in the bathroom. That's one of my favorite color combinations. I love navy and chartreuse too as evidenced by our wedding! But I just don't think you can beat the exterior before and after. Can you imagine coming home to that?!

Here is another fun and modern home tour

I'm in love with that yellow wall and spray painted... skull. Who thought I'd ever type that?! I love places that seem high style yet have kids running around. It's proof it can happen! 

The last little goodie I found was a little collection of curtains [since we talked about that earlier this week]. Now if I could only find ones for the living room that were affordable and just as fun!

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