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Happy Friday! I'm currently counting down the hours until I'm free. Free to be on call and working on painting some kitchen cabinets, that is. Oh yes, I know how to have fun. Should've seen me in my college days. 

This series will be changing a bit... as in it will be around less. See, I have the bestest bestie and instead of doing the whole hassle of blogging herself, she is going to guest post here once a month. So I get to sit back and do my nails [that's a joke] while she crafts/diy's/whatever's and tells you about it. It will be her little creative outlet without all the responsibility and demands of running a blog and it will give me more time to dedicate to said demands. And it's a win-win for you. You can see her amazing digs here or learn more about why I love her in my 'about me' tab. Oh. And if that isn't enough, another friday will be dedicated to some pinterest love. Original? No. Fun? Yes. So let's try it out and see how it goes.

Until then...

I have been crushing hard on these fauxdenzas since I first laid eyes on them over at House Tweaking. I know. It sounds like a lot. But it's really just a lot of amazingness. From what I can gather it started with The Brick House which first coined the term fauxdenza. 

Then Door Sixteen from what I can gather got in on the action.

Then Chris Loves Julia got all faux-crazy. 

Which is where House Tweaking found their inspiration. And then I saw it on HT and now that's all I can think about. I've found five places in my home to put this sucker. 

I hope you followed that. It's like how everyone is seven degrees separated from Kevin Bacon or something like that. But all you really need to know is this [via HT again]:

The cabinets are from Ikea. Add stained wood and knobs. Glorious. And you can sweep under it. Which is the main reason I'm sold. I mean, they should make couches and dining tables like this. And chairs. Because I hate moving chairs to sweep. Oh and I know at least the last two ones shown cost under $400. I'm thinking of doing this in our entry with just one cabinet so I too can be in the fauxdenza club. 

I also found this this week from Our Fifth House:

I thought it was a really cute option/solution to a boring fireplace. Maybe for a den that's mostly for the kids too? And from her little tutorial, it seemed super simple. Love that pop of coral. 

Oh. And if you couldn't tell by my previous post, I'm obsessed with gold. I don't know what happened. One minute, I was a tween totally dissing all the gold in my parents house. The next minute, I'm a gold-spray-painting maven. Nothing is safe. 

So naturally, I pinned this little nugget

Tell me you've been bitten by the gold bug too?!! 

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