jessica's bathroom makeover

Awhile ago I offered a giveaway for a digital room makeover with my kickoff of offering them here on the blog as a service. To my pleasant surprise, Jessica won. I think Jessica and I had “found” each other on Instagram while looking for roommates for the Haven Conference. [Don’t worry… she doesn’t seem to be a serial killer]. Since then, Jessica answered a little questionnaire and I’ve been working on her makeover.

Jessica couldn’t decide on a room and wanted me to choose for her. How often does that happen? I ended up picking her bathroom and I’m excited with the plan I have in place. Jessica didn’t really have much direction for the room and gave me a lot of free range. Her few requirements? Nix the blinds and either keep her laminate vanity or find a diy version she could fix up. Here's the before pictures:

So this design was a lot of fun and I included a few areas where she could make some choices [because who doesn’t like options?!]. 

jessica's bathroom makeover

Jessica mentioned the color orange for her office but didn't really have any ideas for her bathroom so I kind of went with it. Orange typically isn't a color I gravitate to but it was so much fun to work with another color scheme. I used it in small pops and anchored it with a light and dark grey and plenty of white. 

All three of the curtains can be found on UO here, here, and here. I like that the first option would allow for pink to be introduced into the room- but I'm not sure if her hubby would be on board. All three options could be used how I worked our bedroom windows- by getting rid of the blinds and using window frost for the bottom. You have the best of both worlds with sunlight galore and enough privacy to keep things kosher with the neighbors. And since I've made my distaste for 84" curtains clear, I would suggest using one of the two longer curtains in this fashion [yhl has a great faux roman shade tutorial]. Obviously, I would wait for one of UO good sales [they're well worth it] if she wanted to go that route. Or even finding prints at Joann's that have similar colors could be a good option. 

As far as colors and finishes, I used 'sharkey grey' from Martha Stewart's line at Home Depot. They no longer use her paint but they still have her colors [thank goodness]. We've used her colors for almost every room in this house and I love them all. For the floor, I chose a white penny tile. I think almost any white tile could be a lot of fun here- mixed with a dark grey grout. That way, the white pops [and hides dirt]. Gotta love those two-for-one'ers. 

one and two for sharkey gray

The light is from west elm and I know it's a bit on the modern side but I thought it was a lot of fun and would look great against the grey. The dark grey bath mat is from Ikea for $13. It's kind of pom-pom-y and I know I saw similar looking ones at CB2 a long time ago [or maybe it was West Elm] and they were pricey. The mirror is from Target and a fun way to pick up on the circle penny tile and polka-dot shower curtain [which I absolutely adore]. 

Now for solutions to some of Jessica's issues. The vanity. I offered an in-store option [just in case]. Something like this white Hemnes vanity is still affordable and clean-lined. 

But there are several d-i-y versions out there and I tried to cut it down to the ones that offered storage [another issue Jessica mentioned]. 

Here's two basic tutorials I found on Ana White's site:

This isn't an option I would just recommend for anyone but Jessica is a diy-er at heart so I'm sure this is something that she could handle [after all, she requested it!]. And if she's too lazy like myself, there's always Ikea!

As for the towel situation, Jessica suggested hooks and mentioned that she had trouble with the towels drying currently. We use hooks too and I can attest that they are not the best for drying out. But we've ordered peshtemal towels. A lighter more absorbent fabric that should dry a lot faster. Dana from House Tweaking seems to be pleased with it so I don't mind endorsing them! I thought that she could add the hooks to the back of the door.

Behind the door is some blank space. I noticed she was currently using a hanger organizer for her jewelry. I thought it would be fun to make a quick project out of it too. Something like this

I love that there's hanging room and a little dish along the bottom. You could always hang a floating shelf too to hold some small bowls for little things like earrings. 

I thought that floating shelves would look great over the toilet area too. That would help with storage... and give her a place for all those pretty plants [we don't share green thumbs, for sure]. I don't have that many live plants in my house, let alone in one room. Teach me your greenery ways, Jessica! Shelves would also give her a place to house those cute glass jars I spy on her vanity. 

Oh and I know it's silly, but we have a toilet paper holder like this one and I LOVE IT. I'm much more inclined to refill it these days since it's so easy! No more leaving a piece or two for my beloved to find. Not that I did that or anything...

This has me in the bathroom [makeover-ing] mood! Now I just have to get moving on selling some items so I can get started with it [that's our crazy funding strategy we're using]! We sold another piece today but I've noticed with Craigslist... it's all about tenacity... and time. Boo!

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