painting cabinets... again

What's really sad? This will not be the last post about painting cabinets. Oh no. First, I did these suckers on the far wall that I have left open and love with all my heart. Now, I'm working on the other [and much larger wall]. It took me all of five minutes to figure out that this isn't going to be as easy. 

There's only a million cabinets. There's more grime to sand off because it's in the cooking area. I'll be keeping the doors this time [and adding hardware]. Oh, and the shelves aren't removable like they were on the other wall. Which means A TON more cutting in and bending my body in odd shapes. Right now all that stuff in those cabinets are spread over my kitchen and it's making me nuts. NUTS!!!

If you're curious, I used the same method as I did before for prepping and priming. I kept to my favorites: elbow grease, liquid deglosser, Zinsser primer, a 2 inch angled brush for cutting in, and a foam roller that's made for cabinets and doors. 

I always have mixed feelings when priming. It's exciting to see the abundant orange go away but it's not quite satisfying [especially that first coat]. It looks messy and makes you second guess the whole thing. Will it look alright? Yes. It will look amazing. Just keep going.

Here we are at coat one of primer:

Yikes right? But still... better than that sea of oak! Here we are with two coats of primer:

This was all done in one day and had I been a bit more efficient [read: gotten up earlier], I could've had some paint up there too. 

What I've done so far:
open up wall of cabinets and painted them


Well when I put it like that it looks horrible!

What I have yet to do:
finish painting upper cabinets and doors
replace hardware
replace light above sink
replace big light [no ideas here yet]
replace countertops
replace appliances
add tile, possibly
new sink
paint lower cabinets all around
add art

If you're confused, I haven't touched the bottom cabinets because we will most likely replace the countertops. I don't want to go through the troubles of painting them just to scratch them up. We considered painting them a fun and glossy navy or black but I think we will just stick to a plain white. Just painting the uppers white has really lightened the feeling of the room and I'm enjoying it. We also plan on adding some wooden countertops.

Please ignore the microwave. I find him incredibly burdensome and ugly. The top part was broken when we bought the place and I've never messed with it. Upon further inspection, where he is screwed into the upper cabinet, the screw has actually broken the cabinet and it's not super-secure. Don't worry, it's not wiggling or anything. I just think when he does get replaced, it won't be in the same spot. How's that for a mouth-full? 

Hope to have some progress by next week!

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