painting chinoiserie side tables

So when we started the bedroom makeover we had these side tables we got online [at Target, I think] forever ago. Cats not included.

But we really didn't use those bottom baskets much and a lot of that space went to waste. So enter our side tables from the living room [which were in the bedroom even before that]. Catch that? They've come full circle is what I'm trying to say.

Remember when Target used to do it's global bazaar/extravaganza/I don't really remember what it was called. I just remember the amazing collection of goods, that as a college student, I couldn't afford. So my best friend and I would patiently await the guaranteed clearance at the end. It came down to glaring and claws. I think I paid about $15 for each table and I have loved them since, like they were my own. Oh... they are. No, they don't have storage [or a way to hide lamp cords] but I don't hold it against them. When you pay $15, you don't ask for favors. Or questions.

I loved the chinoiserie lines of the piece but felt it was lacking in the fun department. Plus, when put against our blue bedroom walls, it got 80's really fast. You could practically smell the Aqua-net. So, like everything else in this house that's been subject to my current gold obsession, I spray painted it gold. And I'm in love.

Spray-paint-it-gold is the new put-a-bird-on-it. 


And Oscar's side of the bed... I'm not really sure how the bed got so pushed back to his side but he was grocery shopping and I can't move the bed and boxspring by myself. So stayed, it did.


One of my favorite things is the view from the hallway. You turn the corner and are hit with the fun pattern which just leads to a super saturated room and the gold bouncing off of it [although it seemed hard to capture on film]. I feel like it makes the room so much fun and glamorous at the same time. These side tables didn't know what they were missing. 

I used Rustoleum's metallic gold spray paint after reading this review of four different paints. I then coated them with a laquer spray paint from Home Depot and a polyurethane coat spray paint [because you can apparently never have enough coats]! 

Please note, this is not how it looks at all times. These tables are usually littered with chapstick, a pager, cell phones, chargers, and whatever else I've dragged up with me. And there's usually five blankets going on and I never make the bed. My parents tried. It didn't stick. I still don't get it. But I did it for you. Because I love you. You're welcome. 

Do you have a side that's always yours? I'm alarmed that mine is always by the door [hello, mystery killer that's going to get me first]. I think it has to do with my claustrophobic nature and the need to get out if need be. Luckily, I have a plan for said mystery murderer that includes cleaning spray and a lamp. So if you're reading, I'm ready Mr. Murderer. Just leave my side tables out of it.

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  1. So I know this post is old..but I got distracted by the "you might also like" posts and ended up here and noticed there were no comments on this - and there should have been! This is a great update! The gold tables look awesome against those blue walls!


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