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Psst... Stop looking in the curtain section! This is a story of how I got four custom curtain panels for a grand total of $36. Do I have your attention? But let’s start from the beginning. When we first moved in, I hung up four brown panels that I had gotten on clearance.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was on brown overload and the room was darker than I intended. Talk about a neutral nelly! And with the curtains so low I think it really dwarfed our room. I didn’t want to spend much money so I decided I could color them. Which was a great idea except that they were so dark to start with, going lighter wasn’t an option.

But that didn’t stop me! I ended up lightening them and then going for a yellow color. It didn’t work. I don’t think there are even pictures to prove because it was that bad. It turned out a horrid mustard green. So we went curtain-less for awhile until I found some grommet top white panels at Target on clearance. I can’t remember the amount but it was enough to get me excited.

They were wonderful and gave the room the light it needed. Then enter a little puppy. Who took awhile to get potty trained. Let’s just say he loved the curtains too, a bit too much. And before you know it there was a collection of yellow stains, no matter the punishment. 

But then Charlie got better at holding his bladder so I decided to take them down and bleach them. I threw them in the dryer… only for a minute. But guess what? I got distracted. That’s a common phrase around here. And this happened:

Um yea. Nothing like a womp-womp instagram style. You know how hard it is to find 96 inch curtains ON CLEARANCE?! I was so upset with myself. They were white, yes. But they were high watered curtains. Boo. I'll never know how it feels to have high-waters [unless I wear capris that end up hitting my ankles] but I can imagine this little window didn't feel so great. Other curtains were taunting from afar. I could’ve saved them by adding a foot or two of decorative fabric to the bottoms. But I really wanted an all white look. Enter Target…

I got two packs of white tablecloths at $18 each. They measured 70"x120" which was more than enough [the next size smaller was cutting it too close]. And then I conned my mother into hemming them for me as my birthday gift. She’s such a sucker, that one.

We basically cut them down the center, reminding ourselves that the edges would be hemmed. Width isn’t a big deal to me because we use our actual blinds for privacy and our curtains are more for aesthetics. I already had my curtain rods in place so we used that as our guide. We used small clips to hang our curtains and placed pins where we wanted it to be hemmed. Mom added space for hemming again. We basically eyed it on the bottom hem which is why you may notice that one set is kissing the floor and the other is pooling. And I’m totally fine with it. It says “homemade” in the adorable-squeeze-your-mum-tight kind of way.

I know that not everyone can sew [or is lucky enough to have a seamstress in the family] so I’ve come up with a little affordable round-up of curtains [and tablecloths too] that could work. Yes, some options are still a bit pricey [so goes the world of drapery I suppose] but they’re still options. And I’m a big supporter of waiting for clearance and sales as well as the use of coupon codes. Target, Urban Outfitters, and World Market are great sources and they usually have regular and deep clearance prices. Below are some curtains, tablecloths, and tapestries [from urban outfitters]. Check out how Chris Loves Julia changed a tapestry to curtains here [and remember that you can always cut them in half to save some change]. Any good money saving curtain suggestions out there??

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