decorate a mantle for spring

Most of the time, our mantle looks pretty depressing. It basically gets re-done about three times a year. Spring/summer, fall, and Christmas. In between, it's usually been robbed so I can put pretty things elsewhere. So our mantle was looking pretty rough [I forgot before pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it]. Here are the beautiful spring mantle afters:


The embroidery hoops are leftover from our Christmas mantle. The pink box is a spray painted Target find that holds our remote usually. The chartreuse box is from Ikea and it houses some fake Ikea grass. You had to know I would slip some gold in- in the form of a Nate Berkus bowl from Target. It holds our little memory slips

I bought the flower holder online forever ago from some small store. I don't remember the name. The mini daffodils are the only alive thing found outside. Gotta love that I spent zero dollar here! The large print is from Bold & Noble. I adore it. Katie thought it would look best on it's side scale-wise and she was correct! The other heart print is from Cherbert Shop on Etsy.

Both solid pillows are from TJMaxx and the patterned one is a Mayan goodie from Fab- Guatemala Represent! 

I think that's basically it. It's amazing how a little change up and burst of color can totally brighten up a room. I smile every time I walk by!

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