friday round up: firepits and countertops

Hello!! Lately, certain things have been on my mind: countertop options and firepits. I've been on a search for an affordable DIY option for both for quite some time. Here's what I've found so far.

As far as online goes, I fell in love with both of these firepit options:

The first one is from joss and main and comes and goes. I've seen that one and other similar versions go for just under $100. The copper one is from Grand in Road and costs $400 buckeroos. And that cute tray on top? $200. Yeah. Don't think so. 

I'm pretty picky about firepits [apparently] since even my pinterest search leaves little that I care for. There's this beauty [with no source or anything as far as retail]:

And this one

And this one that requires welding. Seriously. 

I guess it comes down to how much effort and/or price I'm willing to throw down. We shall see.

On the countertop side of the world, I found a great little post linking up to all kinds of goodies:

The first one is a concrete tutorial completed on top of laminate countertops. I thought it sounded genius. Genius in the kind of way it could end up really good or finally-snap-kinda-bad. Another dose of smarty-pants? The Mustard Ceiling used wooden doors for their countertops. This one really intrigues me since we want wooden countertops on a dime. I would be worried because her's ended up not being solid wood. She dealt with it just fine but I feel like I wouldn't fare too well with that situation. 

And in case you wanted a pretty before and after to polish off your day, here's a wonderful living room makeover. I may be partial because I've been digging dark walls lately but check out her bookcase styling skills!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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