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Happy Friday! What better way to polish off the end of the week with nothing other than good ol eye candy. Of the home variety… This week is good too. I stumbled upon another amazing blog and one of my favorites, the hunted interior, finished a big outdoor project. This is exciting because I’ve seen her sneak peeks on Instagram [and it’s been driving me nuts] and because I want to have a deck as fun and colorful as Kristin’s! Here’s her new deck over at the Home Depot blog:


The color scheme and the 'live table' are my favorites! Check out her blog for all of the tutorials for those great projects or follow the link in the article!

The Everygirl blog is another new favorite. It’s almost as bad as Pinterest. As in, I want to stay inside all weekend and just stare. Where were you in the winter, Everygirl?! Or rather, where was I? First is this featured home tour:


And I really enjoyed this entryway write up. It basically broke and entryway up into a few necessary components: a table, mirror, storage, lighting, and decorative accents. I obviously have to up the ante in my own entryway but for now I’ll drool over these worthy snapshots.


And to top of the fun there’s this little nit bit I found on Pinterest. Britt from Gus&Lola basically recreated a pricey wallpaper look with. a. sharpie. Can’t make this up folks. I was surprised that it looks even better in person...err... close up.

I think I would've gone mad by the time I finished a project like that... think of the time [and the hand cramps]! But it's all worth it. Here's the inspiration on the right and the sharpie version on the left. I like Britt's version better! 


Have a great weekend! We will hopefully be working outdoors. What will you be up to?!

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