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I have been living with a secret. One that has lurked in the shadows and haunted me for over a year. Maybe two. I've been living... with this:

Oh the shame. First off, the curtain rod is way low. It happened when we got curtains that were short and therefore the rods needed to be low. It didn't take long for it to drive me nuts, especially when I could see into the dining room which had lovely, high curtain rods. But I was looking for the perfect curtain. Something fun and colorful. I really wanted an ikat print but couldn't find anything affordable. Finding something pink, affordable, long at 95" and with a cute pattern was becoming impossible rather quickly. 

After at least a year of looking, I finally stumbled upon two possibilities thanks to Target's new line, Threshold. It wasn't in the store at the time but I have since seen it bopping around. I can't remember if they had the longer versions in the store since I bought mine online. Here's what I found:

The first one is a pink ombre that they also had in tan, gray, and blue. I was immediately drawn to it but was afraid that the breaks in the colors seemed rather harsh and didn't merge into each other nicely. I posted it on instagram and others had the same concern. The bottom is this shell print that also comes in gray and blue. Neither had reviews at the time since they were so new and cost $30 a panel, which was pushing it for me. But I knew with four windows to dress, I would be having to open the pocket book anyway. 

I went with the ombre since it was my gut instinct. I felt I could exchange it if it didn't work out. And I was hoping that the color gradient would be easier on the eyes once it was up in the window with the light shining through. Needless to say, for $113 for 4 panels [free shipping and the 5% discount using my card], I'm happy.

I just love the amount of cheer it brings to the room! And regardless of what curtains you use, when you've gone bare bones for forever you realize how much they complete a room. 



I'm so happy! I feel like a lot of color is needed to balance out all of our heavy wood tones in that room [the other walls are heavy on brown thanks to our 3 bookcase media stand and wicker console table]. I still have to patch some holes and paint over them but I couldn't wait to share the progress. I still really want a new, modern, leather couch and to update/recover the other chairs but for now, it works. 

And if you're curious, I didn't iron these suckers [have I mentioned how much I HATE ironing]! My favorite, and usually effective method, includes throwing them in the dryer on 'touch up' with a wet towel. Works like a charm. 


  1. I love how cheerful your living room is! Where did you get the lamp to the left of your couch? Me likey :)


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