march 2013 instagram dump

Please feel free to title this one "oh &%*#." As in, I completely forgot March was over and that I never did this. So if you follow me on instagram, forgive the stroll down memory lane. And if you don't, get to it. Instagram is my total addiction and you can find me @thediynurse. 

1. The debate for ombre vs. shell curtains has been fought

2. I'm in love with this whimsy side table I snatched up on clearance at Target. It's a sickness. 

3. Our house doesn't look like this anymore. Thank god. We still have to paint the cabinet doors but for now I'm happy concentrating on the outdoors. 

4. Don't worry, I wasn't on call. But I did buy tequila based on the packaging. I'm such a sucker. 

5. Pizza. Again. I could literally eat this everyday [you know, if I wanted a premature death or something].

6. Design Sponge had some irresistible prints I couldn't help but notice in their book. 

7. Oh gosh. This brings up some rough feelings. I found this tile 12x12" sheets, mother of pearl-ish but glass that was perfect for our bathroom makeover. Not to mention it was $3 a sheet. So I bought some, looked some up online and "bought" it. Only to discover that I had just purchased what was left in the store. And it wasn't left in the store [I had just bought it!]. Needless to say after scouring the state, I gave up and returned it. 

8. Lowes got some new, fun colors in the spray form. I have the chartreuse and will be using it for our outdoor makeover...

9. Our bathroom makeover plans... on halt while we focus on outside. Again, my project ADD coming out. 

10. Lolita being uber cute. Under an Ikea faux sheepskin. She knows how to get me. 

11. YHL and Bower Power following me in the same week on instagram?!!? You can bet my poor husband heard about nothing else the entire time. Followed by totally nerdy, giddy laughter.

12. Thai. Homemade. Really spicy. Recipe has since been tweaked. 

1. Nail polish! I can only wear them on my toes due to work policies so I rarely break any out. But I still always stop to look at the store.

2. These West Elm bowls make my kitchen shelves look stellar. 

4. In case you ever doubted how cool I am... No one rocks a needlepoint vest and high waisted pants quite like me. Gotta love that decor too ;)

5. I got a cute print via Pen and Paint

6. I dyed my hair! A big step for me... I will say I expected my auburn hair to hold the red better- they say it's the hardest to keep up and so far it's proved true. Here's to hoping I can keep this up!

7. We made over our entry closet and I'm digging the organization! 

8. I made shrimp scampi and was pretty impressed [but oh the butter!].

9. This fellow makes my heart swell. 

10. I found a great mayan pillow on Fab.com. I love trying to bring things into our home that represent Oscar's Guatemalan heritage!

Sorry so late with this! It won't be long to the April one now ;)

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