spring has sprung

This weekend was amazing. It has been between 65-85 since Saturday or so and we are soaking it up. Nothing like a long and harsh winter to make you really appreciate a little sweat on your upper lip. So here are some before shots of the front before we got to work...

We got rid of all of those excess leaves you see lingering. Shame on us for letting them sit so close to the house for the entire winter. I guess we're "those people." But we're really making an effort this year and hope to grow grass [harder here than one would think] and other bigger projects [like painting our shutters and replacing the front door]. 

Meanwhile, we've just raked and blown [is that the right term?!] all the leaves and acorns. We also filled these planters and brought some cheer to the front porch. 



One very small thing I've learned about gardening [and there isn't much], is that when doing container gardening it's best to have a thriller [a taller plant for height], filler [ditto], and spiller [that goes over the edges]. So far, it's proven itself idiot proof. And I realize that these plants are marked different light categories but last year I also mixed em up and it worked well. These are all from Lowes. The thriller is called Diffenbachia or Camille. The filler is called Pilea or Moon Valley and the spiller is Dischidia or Pebble Beach. I'm in love with senor pebble beach. He's very succulent-y and is fun to touch .... not to be weird or anything. He was also pretty pricey at $15 but after not finding anything decent, I fell in love at first sight. 

On the other end of the porch we livened up some empty containers with herbs. I find my herbs do much better with mother nature driving the hearse err.. the car we call life. Here they are in all their glory. Ignore the random bird poo. I'm too lazy to photoshop that out. 

I learned last year the hard way that I ended up with some herbs we just didn't use much like oregano and mint. So this year I doubled up on the parsley and basil which we've already used on some homemade pizza. And of course, cilantro and chives are snuggled in tight. 

There's nothing better than going out on the porch to grab something for a dish you're making. Now if only I could manage growing veggies! 

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