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I wanted to share a quick little change-o we did in our entry way. It's come a long way lately with our hallway re-do and entry closet makeover. It's nothing major but I feel like it was one of those small things that made a big difference. Here's the before entry light:

You can see how much our living room has changed over time! I really do like this light. It's a major upgrade from the 80's builder grade one that was there before [a brass and glass disaster]. This one was fun but I felt it was a bit dark and much more traditional than I intended. 

Here's the new one:

This is a bit silly. I originally bought this cutie from West Elm on sale for about $50. I bought it in chrome, also known as use-it-as-a-mirror-to-clean-your-teeth-silver. And then when it got here, I realized that I didn't want to use it in the laundry room [which I had originally gotten it for] and that I wanted it white. It comes in white so go figure I chose the difficult route. I spray painted that sucker. And I loves him. It's a pop of modern fun but it also isn't as distracting since it blends into the ceiling. It lets the rest of the busy hallway/entryway shine.

And then he creeps in and is all like "don't mind me and my lighting posh-ness." We don't mind, modern boob light. Not at all. Keep on shining. 

I never intended to work on the entryway... it just kind of happened. But I'll be nixing those dark squares over the closet and re-doing the small table next to the door [not pictured but you can see the very shabby chic mirror in the first photo]. We will also be getting a new front door this spring so that will really modernize the area too. So happy with this little nook!

Any quick and easy changes your way? 

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