april 2013 instagram dump

See what happens when I actually use my planner? This gets posted on time. Holla. And if you don't have Instagram, get on the insta-bus because it's leaving town. I kid. We will wait for you. 

1. I've been running more. It's still a hate/love relationship but right now we are all googly eyed at each other. Mainly because I like how running has made me feel and the changes it's given me. I've struggled with listening to the 80's cardio and not dancing in the street. I dance like Carlton from Fresh Prince... or I've also been told like Elaine on Seinfeld. 

2. This light. It makes my heart flutter and it's my first true light-from-something-that-wasn't-a-light. So I'm really proud. 

3. A bonfire weekend with smores and antiquing. It doesn't get much better than that. I really enjoy taking call on weekends because when I'm not, I really soak it all in. 

4. Charlie. With a stick. Story of my life. 

5. Antiques! I loved the two lights [or chandelier frame] but they were super pricey. And the ottoman still has me thinking of him! But at $65, the fact we don't need it [when we need lots of other stuff], and the fact I know the cats would claim it within .05 seconds, he stayed there. But I'm still thinking of him so he isn't safe. 

6. Chipotle. They have new-to-me soft corn tortillas and I'm in love. What do you get on your taco?? Seems personal doesn't it?

7. Running again. Boom.

8. My new pink ombre curtains. Okay. My sister made me realize they're coral but whatever. They're fun and complete our living room. 

9. A pretty wall of a random store visit. I love looking!

10. I painted. the chairs. red. And I'm head over heels in love. 

1. The chairs. Ditto. 

2. Running. Ditto.

3. Fresh eggs from farm friends. 

4. Lolita in her homemade E-collar which has since been replaced with a real one. She had a battle wound from her brother that she kept scratching at and it wouldn't heal. She's been in it awhile and is still healing. She's the sweetest she's ever been and I'm enjoying it. Although it's a bit sad. 

5. Charlie had a good weekend. Hiking. Ice cream. Doggy parks. Friends. 

6. Our kitchen got a little pick me up of Target color. 

7. Lolita. Pre e-collar.

8. Flowers. Herbs. Most are doing well thanks to mother nature and my lack of interference. 

9. My mantle is so sexy. And springy...

10. We gots a new car. It's big bad and beautiful. And it goes vroom vroom. I had no idea what I was missing with that sexy v6 engine! 

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