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Last Friday I had planned on sharing my potting bench turned bar cart but things didn't go as planned. I finally got my goods together and with the help of Mother Nature calming her stormy skies, things got done. We had this potting bench since we moved in thanks to some untouched credit card points. I had painted it a safe green and never used it. We did gardening. But apparently, I didn't need a bench when it came down to it. Enter senor rojo.

And goodbye mystery stains and unused space-taker-upper! After two coats of paint, I added these casters. I had my heart set on casters but had to use these that required a bit more work rather than the kind you could just screw on. I had to use a 3/8 drill bit and only insert it 1 3/8" deep so I used tape to mark off the depth on my drill bit. In the end I like it more since it has the gold touch. 

Then you just tap in the first part of the castor and the rest clicks into place. It's really simple.

I also used this guy that I was hoarding for about 3 years. I had gotten him at Costco [okay, two of 'em] for only $35 each. A little spray paint and we're good to go... Photobomb warning. I couldn't choose. 

I wanted to add the wine glass holders to the upper part but when I got home I realized they were way too big so we ended up adding them to the bottom part and it worked out better that way. A little radio and beer for some good times doesn't hurt things either. 

I love the thistle bottle opener that I found on Etsy too. Nothin like a little nod to my Irish-Scotch background while we're preparing the bar.

I am very proud of this succulent [and another one that I have that isn't shown]. I was looking for some at Lowes and found a whole mixture that was on clearance from $15 to $5! The gold bowl was from Target's threshold line and I added some sand on top. He was on the edge of death and I brought him back- a first!

"bar cart"

The tea towels are from Pier 1. And everything else I really just had on hand. You can find similar white buckets at Target right now for putting drinks in. Just test yours ahead of time to see if it leaks and if it does you know to add a bag to the bottom before your party. More of a concern if you're inside but I've been there. And don't forget the tequila. 

Obviously, this is the stylized version. If real friends and parties would be involved there would be more snacks, less pretties, less pictures, and more fun. I plan on it too. Oh, and you may have noticed in this post how absolutely horrible our deck is! But alas, we have a plan and I can't wait to share it with you. We just have to get Mother Nature back on board! And if you're unsure of my direction/color scheme [I am too, so it's easy to do] I'm going for red, pink, gold, and navy. I think. I really just want to throw all the colors and see what sticks ;]  Operation blissful backyard is in full swing!


  1. This turned out so great! I love it, pinned it, and may have to tackle something just like it for my deck. The wait was well worth it - way to go!

    1. Thank you so much, Brit! I can't wait to USE it!

  2. I love it! It looks great and it's def party ready!!! Great job:)


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