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Happy Mother's Day to all of you fabulous women out there that have touched another female's life. A special thank you to my mum, who has given me the creativity and know-how that makes me who I am!

Sometimes, bloggers blog about things that aren't glamorous. The nitty gritty of real life, if you will. Today is a day like that. We’re talkin cat litter folks. Why? Well first of all, I’m coming off of a wisdom-tooth-extraction-high-on-meds kind of a weekend and this is a post that required little effort [and was frankly fun to write while under the influence]. But on top of that, I feel that for other cat people out there, there’s a need for this kind of info. It sounds silly but if I could have read this before we ever got cats, life would've been a bit easier. Don't worry dogs-only peeps, I plan on a doggy post in the future!

I grew up with one cat. My mom did the litter, I think. I wasn't very involved. Enter adulthood, my own home, and two cats. First of all, cat pee stinks. It’s a horrid truth that must be dealt with. So when little Mr.Toodles tinkles where he shouldn't, it’s well apparent. But here’s the thing about cats: they don’t go outside of the litter box for no good reason. They want to dig around and go in the litter box. So if they aren't, revise the situation.

We had a few incidents. I looked online but there wasn't a new boyfriend, or a new house, or a new cat that could be the culprit. And once we got a second litter box, most problems resolved. The general rule is a box per cat and one extra. I don’t have room for the one extra and I think it’s a bit much but you may have to resort to that if you have territorial cats [or more than two]. Mine are brother and sister and seem to do fine under the two box rule. The only other time they have accidents is when their mum and dad forget to clean out the box and let it get a little too unruly. The shame!

So after much trial and error I will show you what works for us. We have one litter box called the “Breeze System.” It’s amazing. It’s mostly for numero uno although they don’t always follow that rule. Basically, there’s a pad on the bottom in a pull out tray that catches the urine. You add little pellets on top mostly for the cat’s pleasantries. This thing soaks it up like you wouldn't believe. We replace it about once a week which I think is really decent for two cats. We glove up and place it in two bags and tie that sucker off. This system is fantastic because it really cuts down on the smell. And it’s so easy to clean up. I’ve found this system and all of its accessories at Petsmart and Walmart. It's about $30 for the actual get up that you only have to purchase once. The pellets are $8 and the pads are $6. 



The second box is mostly for number two. It’s a bag that’s heavy duty and elastic around the edges. That way, I can just pop it in and out when changing it instead of the tie bags that have to slip on and take a lot of wrangling to get off. I think we got this box from Petsmart and it cost like $20 something fierce, but it has lasted forever! The litter we use is World’s Best Cat Litter. Kinda cocky, I know. But they’re right. It clumps like you wouldn't believe and hides smells plus it's good for the environment which is hard to find in the litter world. It’s also super pricey [$8 for a small bag] but I tend to find it on sale at Target a lot [it’s at Petsmart too but not at Walmart].

Sorry it looks so grimy. It's under the stairs. The flooring is really old linoleum that I doubt I'll ever replace because honestly... it's just the cats in there! But it works! Now the next thing that makes the previously mentioned number two box work? The litter genie. Sounds ridiculous. It’s amazing. The system cost me around $15 and it works like the diaper genie does. You put in the litter and there’s a bagging system that contains all the smell. So we scoop up number two, load it in the genie, pull out the trap door underneath, and boom. Smell no more. It’s like we don’t have cats. And when people say that, I take it as a huge compliment. The reloads for this are about $7 a cartridge but they last a really long time too.

In fact, I know all of this sounds expensive but we got most of this stuff over time and buying the reloads for this stuff doesn't hurt because it isn't as often. Especially with the Breeze system and keeping number one away from number two, it allows the litter to last much longer. And not having the smell is like the best reward of all.

Psst... wanna know something that we tried before we figured all of this out? Litter Kwitter. Wow. I’m showing you my crazy lady cards right now. This is a system to potty train your cats. I’m not kidding. Total Mr.Jinxy. Here are some pictures to immortalize my crazy cat lady status. Enjoy. The first one is them watching the instructional dvd that came with the set. They were pretty intrigued by their feline friends using the porcelain throne. 

FYI- that's a play ball in the corner. Not a turd...
We even got pretty far. Lola had it down. To a science. She did number one and two on the commode [and got down to just the white ring]. I'm pretty sure there's a video somewhere but we won't touch that... We were so proud. But then there was Otis. He’s a bit fluffy and cumbersome. He doesn't have the grace his sister has. Needless to say, he was always falling off or completely missing the target. Typical male. With the Christmas season upon us that year [and the company we knew it would bring] as well as a new and curious addition to our family [Charlie, the pup], we gave up. I would love to bring it back, and I often think about it- it was really nice not to have to buy litter or clean it- but I’m not sure Otis will ever be able to get back up on that pony. 

And here's the rest of the cat closet if you were curious [I'm just showing off because it's newly reorganized]. I'm so cool like that. Don't you wish your closet was organized like mine?

The hot water heater is kind of a nice separation to have between their bathroom and dining room. We keep all of their supplies on the middle shelf with the cleaning goodies on the bottom. That's our new expander on our hot water heater. I hit my head on it all. of. the. time [really, the only thing I can manage to hit my head on]. And those bins on the bottom hold the cat and dog food. Luckily for the cats, there was already a kitty door in place before we moved in which is perfect to keep out Charlie's nose that's always grazing.

Any other crazy cat ladies or gents out there? Potty trained felines? Multiple boxes? What works for you?! Share so I'm not the only loony one out there ;]


  1. Hi I love your concepts and may use them. I'm considering getting two kittens but live in a shared home where they will be living in a bedroom with me only. Is it possible have two litters place in the closet?? I have two closets and can set one up as litter place. Will that stinkup my bedroom ? I really hope not. Please get back to me. Thanks ! Me email us at singinbluebird7@Yahoo.com

    1. Well we keep our two litter boxes next to eachother so I dont see how that would be an issue. But yeah... I wouldnt do it in a closet where you are keeping clothes or anything nice. No matter how great your litter is... its poo and poo stinks.


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