friday round-up

It's Friday!! Which means I'm sharing pretty things today...

First, there's a shower hosted by Emily Henderson. A baby shower. But you wouldn't know by looking at it.


And to think the space looked like this beforehand: 

A little of Emily and a rental company goes a long way! I love how ethnic and fun it looks! I also like how non-themey it is. How many baby showers like this have you been to?!

Speaking of the wonderful Emily, I wanted to re-share her house tour. I've seen pieces of it before but this was the first time I've seen it in it's entirety. I noticed that some were older vs. newer photos and got to see how she reused pieces differently and changed things up. Here's just a taste but go to her site for all the goodies. 


I love that her look is obviously thrifted yet looks really chic. And I can I just say, I'm totally digging the pouf, leather side chair, first aid art, and blue velvet?! Loving it all.

Speaking of poufs... I ran into this little tutorial. I'm no seamstress as I've mentioned before, and Brittany makes it sound a little too easy but I would be willing to hold my mother hostage for one of these puppies:

I love that she did three kinds! A tribal, an alligator print, and one inspired by west elm's pouf:

And lastly, another home tour of Orlando Soria, Em's handy assistant. I can call her that. We're close. 

I think I should add that I'm pretty sure this is his home. I'm not a regular reader of his blog but that's what I gathered. Things I love: his bedside styling, the use of plants in the bathroom [makes me want a window in there badly], and oh... that patio. Or whatever you want to call it. What an amazing space to have a little shindig. If people have those anymore. 

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