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Hey guys! I'm sitting this one out today and letting Jenn take over. Feel free to hop on over to her blog to see my post and check out her fun site! 

Hey there! I'm Jenn from Home Style Report  and I'll be hanging out with you guys today. I'm a DIY/Home blogger from the Cincinnati area, I'm newly married, and overly obsessed with a four-legged, curly haired, labradoodle named Zeke. At the moment we are about thiiiis close to having our kitchen renovation wrapped up and I've decided to share a little hacky/crafty project with you guys.

I'm a huge fan of white subway tile and I've been loving the looking of layering artwork overtop of an accent wall or backsplash. Unfortunately our kitchen is a bit small so our options are a bit limited, but in a dream world I would have loved to be able to do something like this, from 7th House on the Left. Floor to ceiling tile and large art prints just seem like the perfect combination.

Unfortunately, large prints and floor to ceiling tile isn't in the picture. Don't get me wrong, we
have lots of plans for the space (more on that here) It's just going to be on a smaller scale. Then I saw how YHL turned a calendar from Rifle Paper Co into multiple pieces of city art.

I had been debating this idea in the past but I never really found a calendar with art that I wanted to display for more than a month. That was until I took a pit stop at Rifle's site and found this calendar. It was only $8! Seriously, how do you pass that up! Pssst - it's still available!

Then I had to find some frames. These took a bit longer to find since the size is slightly wonky. I didn't want to go with anything white since they would be against a white tiled wall but I still wanted them to fit the overall look we are going for in the kitchen.

In the end Target sealed the deal with these guys. They would pop against the white tile but still tie in with the stainless from the appliances. They were nearly perfect other than the wood trim. Major clash with our new counters right? My thoughts exactly. It had to go.

Now I'm a big fan of the paint lift. It's similar in nature to a face lift but oh so much cheaper and a lot easier to reverse. To be honest it felt a bit weird to paint something I just purchased from Target. I would have no problem if I got it at a craft or thrift store but there was something slightly naughty about this.

Don't ask me why, I'm just delusional like that I supposed. I debated some crazy greens and yellows but in the end I settled on navy (Martha Stewart's Deep Sea to be exact)...a very me color. Safe and neutral - my comfort zone.

Much better right?

Then it just came time to cut the pictures from the calendar.

In total I spent around $40 for the calendar and three frames. It seems a bit steep but I still have nine more pictures I would like to frame and put in other places around the house. Maybe a mudroom perhaps...once we actually have one of those. Said room is currently a heaping pile of junk.

Big thanks to Caroline for letting me guest post while she is recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed! Head over to my blog to see how she has style her beautiful bookcases. They are awesome...and I want to steal them. I must refrain from doing stuff that's illegal and I'll just gawk at the pics!

It's me who has the thanking to do! Jenn saved me while I was an intoxicated mess! And wow. This is quite the sneak peek of some amazing tile and those sexy countertops! I'm dying. And those touches of copper... she's killing me. Meanwhile, I'm going to be doing some calendar stalking. Thanks again, Jenn!

You can also find Jenn on Pinterest, Facebook, or follow her on Instagram @homestylereport!

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