headband review and giveaway: drumming beetle

You may remember in past mood boards, I've featured some adorable sewn tea sets like this one:

My high school friend, Rebecca is an amazing seamstress. I mean, the girl's got skills. I've bought a set for a niece of mine and have always enjoyed the creativity and talent she brings to the table. So when she asked me if I wanted to "test-drive" some hair bands, I was all over it. 

She sent me three, and when they had arrived I had miraculously done my hair that day [an amazing feat since I've been pretty awful looking since I've had my wisdom teeth pulled]. So here they are and I have to pre-apologize. It's been a long time since I've done "selfies" and I'm not too confident at it. Also: I may have had to look up headbands on Pinterest just to figure out how to wear 'em. I've never been a girly girl and haven't worn a headband since the 90's, even though I've pinned plenty. I'm glad I got over that problem.

I LOVED this one. It fit perfectly and I love the twist top or whatever you call it. I may have worn it all day at home just to get compliments from my hubby. Here's a picture of Rebecca wearing the same one. I love it with her curly hair and wish I hadn't straightened mine that day.

Isn't it so cute? Here's the next one...

Again, awkward selfies. This one made me feel very 40's pin-up. What I didn't realize until after this little photoshoot is that this is an adjustable one which is good since I have a pretty small head. In fact, two of these fit really nicely on me which was great since headbands are usually too big for me. The next one wasn't as fantastic. I mean, it was made well but I had no. idea. how to wear it. 

I think it would look better on someone with a bigger head or someone who has a lot of hair. Mine was a little flat so I couldn't get a lot of volume in the back but if I had my "old hair" before I cut it, I think it would've looked a lot better. 

All in all, I was so so pleased. And Rebecca is fantastic. She's willing to give 3 of these suckers  away to a lucky winner. Just comment on this post and you can win 3 styles [your choice]. A winner will be picked by late Wednesday [I'll share the winner with Friday's post]. 

And if you don't win or can't wait to get ya some, check out her facebook page or email her at drummingbeetle@yahoo.com if you don't have Facebook! 

Enjoy and may the best chica win ;)


  1. super cute headbands! they look great with your hair color. :) thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  2. love this style! it's especially cute on little girls too :-) I could see myself wearing it out in the garden!

  3. I wear headbands, but mine are not nearly as cute as these. I'd love to jazz things up with these beauties!

  4. always a fan of Rebecca's work! I'd love to rock some of these headbands :)

  5. [I hope this isn't a duplicate]

    I love these because they look like they wouldn't be too tight/painful on my ginormous head!


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