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In my family, we have a habit of celebrating events a little late. My dad hates crowds and so we often celebrate events like Mothers day on another weekend to avoid rushes of folks. Sounds romantic doesn't it? Well, add in the fact that I idiotically scheduled my wisdom teeth extraction for Mother's day weekend and you've got yourself a belated celebration. Luckily, Mum is flexible and we had a great time. I wanted her to choose and semi-local place to spend the day but she ended up making me choose. 

It was between Baltimore [which I nixed since it's the furthest away and I was afraid of my energy level being post-drugged], Luray [which was nixed due to being ultra-close], and Staunton. Mom had visited Staunton a few times before but mostly to visit a local museum so it had been many years since she'd been downtown and I don't think I had ever been downtown.

I was in love. It was city meets country for a really awesome mix. We parked at this adorable train station that had a few craft stores and restaurants. Oh and the architecture there had my head spinning. Not just the stores but all of the surrounding neighborhoods were breathtaking. I'm a total nerd for that kind of thing so there was a lot of pointing, gasping, and general poor driving going on. Please excuse the i-photos!

A big bucket of lavender that I couldn't help but stick my head in, a yarn shop kitten who showed me his belly, an adorable homemade Appalachian blanket, and the only kind of trains I'm not afraid of [the dead ones]. Those coasters were fun but we don't really need em and they were a bit pricey. And oh. That cobblestone. Another gasping moment. My poor mother dealt with a lot of hand grabbing and squealing. It really doesn't take much. Oh and shop owners reading this, if you put a cat in your shop or a bunting outside, I will be there.

The farmers market was in full swing and was much larger than what we're used to. There were plenty of plants, fresh fruits and veggies, homemade soaps and lotions, craft cheeses, and more flowers! I ended up getting Oscar a pupusa [salvadorian dish] to take with us. But I wanted to take home the flowers so bad. Maybe next time! They also had a little band stand going on and there was a hippie at the farmers market with a guitar. I was in heaven. 

And see this guy? Mom tried to pick up this George Washington. Turns out someone glued it to the ground. It was hilarious. I like to imagine it was a store owner who wanted to be entertained on a daily basis. I'm filing this away for another day. 

Now to share with you all our antiquing finds.

That's no joke my friends. Not only did someone make that, but someone is selling it FOR $1900!!! You can't make this stuff up. 

These were a set of books about something boring. Obviously made just to be pretty.

This set of chairs was under $200. Pretty good considering I paid more for my double seater. 

This guy made my heart pitter patter. Look at all those cubbies! And it was only just over 1k which when compared to other similar ones I've seen is quite the catch for the size. 

There were a lot of animals. These gold unicorns. And a gold fly. It's wings lifted up to hide an ashtray. I told you, can't make it up. 



I loved this mirror- it was huge and only $100 but I have no place to put it!

As for what I got...


A dish for jewelry, a boho brass candleholder, and more vinyl to add to my growing collection. 

Oh. And I didn't mention that this trip was a little bit of an early celebration for my Mum's birthday too. The date fell in between so we thought it was a good excuse to get together and have some fun. Here's what I got her for her birthday:

The necklace was actually made by a friend and I knew my Mum needed it as soon as I saw it. It's so 'her.' My friend's etsy site is here. And the tote is of Charleston and is at MapTotes. My mom loves Charleston and has a thing for filling totes with books. It was a no brainer. Check them out- they have all kinds of cities and are amazing quality. 

Hope you enjoyed our little excursion! 

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  1. Looks like a great mothers day weekend! Those snap dragon are HUGE!!


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