friday round up

Hello and happy Friday! Here’s a few things I’ve stumbled upon as of late:

First off, I love this light fixture. Makes me wish I had another kitchen sink so I could use it!

I’ve also had a hankering for bookends recently. Particularly, these animal fellows:

The piggy is obviously the more obvious choice when considering the pocket book but I’ve always have a soft spot for whales.

Awhile ago I showed you Everygirl’s guide to styling entryways and I loved it. Now I found their guide to styling coffee tables and I adore the variety. None of them may be my style but I love how creative they got. I have seen the Ikea lack tables used as a coffee table before and I still think it’s great, affordable, and flexible.

I also love the Lucite table and how they used underneath as storage.

Oh and maybe you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know that Jonathan Adler paired up with JCPenny. Holy moly. Some of the pieces may still be out of my price range but a girl can dream about clearance right?


I saw these babies on Pinterest and love their simplicity. So chic and modern. And obviously, very diy-able. Gotta love that.

Have a great weekend! I'll be attending a bachelorette trip this weekend. Holla!


  1. Nice ideas! I really like coffee table #2 and because my coffee table kind of looks like that already, I may improve upon mine with ideas from that pic. Have a great bachelorette trip!


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