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I guess antiquing wouldn't really qualify as thrifting [does it?] since it's not as wallet friendly but that won't stop me. We have a decent amount of antique stores in the area but I tend to frequent a local emporium more often since it's so large. Here are my finds from last weekend. I shared a few on Instagram [@thediynurse] but there were too many goods to share!


I thought these chairs were really fun and would make perfect end chairs for a large outdoor table. I think they were at least $100 so I just snapped a picture and kept on going. 


The chair on the left was 145 and had amazing lines. The one on the right was a steal for 65. It was made of real leather and reclined. Needless to say, Oscar could be found there later. 


I LOVED these mirrors. The small ones were only 10 [although I thought that was a lot for their size]. I'm still thinking of them... they would look great in a collage. And the one on the right was 175 but would look perfect in our entry. 


Aren't these fun?! I think that screen was only around 100 and was in great condition. Very boho. And I loved this rug but its price tag must have been outrageous because I don't even remember it! 


These two were some of my favorites. What amazing coffee tables they would make! The one on the left was a mere $95. Wouldn't it be great at the end of the bed for a teenagers room too? The one on the right still has me thinking about him. $65. Seriously. I love how the legs are so modern and the top is so bohemian and fun. Unfortunately, we already have a coffee table and I know the cats would be constantly jumping on it and turning it over. 

This is the one I shared on Instagram. The one on the right would be perfect for making a chandelier but it had no wiring and was over $200!! The light on the right needed rewiring and was just as expensive! But oh... that ottoman! I adored it. It was $65 [her "best price"] which I know is a good deal for it being original and of popular design. But I could see the cats claiming it quickly and it wasn't something we really needed. 

Oh and there was this guy.

I'm not sure what you would use this for [unless you really had that much laundry; in which case I pity you]. I've always had a fascination with these guys though and was excited to finally see one "in real life."  

So the only thing I walked away with that day was my gorgeous capiz lantern for $12 that I turned into a pendant. But in the past my favorite tips for thrifting are bartering. A long time ago, the idea of it really frightened and intimidated me. But there comes a point when you just don't want to fuss around or pay more than you have to. I have found most weekends that our emporium has its owners floating around. Take advantage of it. Come prepared. Be polite. 

A sweet hello or "I love your shop" in the beginning goes a long way. Many owners are willing to negotiate. Don't low ball too much but do push them to see how far you can go. Sometimes, especially if you aren't sure, walk away. They may see you in another part of the store later and offer you something better. I've had many times that they will discount a price if I can write a check or pay cash [that way they're avoiding a cut that the building owners take]. 

When it comes to any goodwill or secondhand store, I've noticed I do better with finding good stuff the more I go. And always check to see if something is on sale. I found 6 wooden chargers this weekend for $5 but when I went to check out they were on sale for $2.50. Sales usually aren't marked in private booths. 

What are your tips for thrifting and saving money?


  1. My sister is the thrifting queen - haha so my strategy is to follow behind her like a puppy until she leads me to a good deal :)

    I love to just walk around those places - even if I don't buy anything!

  2. Thanks Bekah! I have to do that to my bestie when it comes to goodwill places for some reason. She's a magnet for the good stuff

  3. I always wonder if I can haggle in local thrift stores, some things have been over priced lately but I am never sure who to ask if I can give them a lower price, since most thrift store workers are volunteers. I did, however, manage to talk a vendor at an antique store down to giving me a chair for $10. It didn't take much, I just complimented the chair and when she tried selling it to me, I explained I didn't have that money. Then I went back after walking around the store and offered her what was in my wallet! The pictures of it are here; http://www.turningithome.com/2013/04/out-with-old-in-with-older.html.

    P.S I love that $65 gold table you spotted, so cute!

    1. I tend not to barter at places like our hospice shop (and I've run into the volunteer thing too) but it never hurts!


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