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This month has been busy in all the good ways. This past weekend I celebrated my eldest nephew's high school graduation and my bestie's bridal shower. Stephanie is the third of the group to get married so you can say we're rather experienced at this kind of thing. We've managed to streamline the food but we still put a lot of effort into our decor, games, etc. So these shower projects aren't necessarily hard, but they were done by several people over a time period of a few months.

Stephanie wanted a location near where her family was centered so we stayed in town and used a room where Amber works. Here are some before pictures although we had already removed about 12 huge poster frames [it's the movie room]. 

It wasn't much but it had a bar for the food, room for seating 30 plus people, and it was free. Just what we needed. We wished we could've changed out the seating but again, beggars can't be choosers. We rearranged the room so the loveseat would be the focus. Behind the loveseat we used crepe paper, taped to the top of the wall, twisting it while taping it at the bottom. We added in two shades of pink after the white and loved how it turned out. Not to mention how affordable it was. We thought in the future what a great background it would make for a diy photobooth. 

photobooth backdrop

Here it is after all was said and done. Instead of buying those paper poufs, Katie made 'em for a fraction of the price. We were going to hang them but as we were prepping, we noticed how cute they looked on the floor and went with it. It saved time and looked better. Is it wrong that we brought our own [prettier] pillows? It's a disease. We used doilies for the little banner layered on top mixed with twine. The balloons were affordable too since Amber's workplace had a helium tank on hand. 

bridal shower

The centerpieces were doilies of different sizes layered down the center. We painted some extra mason jars we had on hand, added sticks, and hot glued on these little homemade paper flowers Katie made. We sprinkled extra flowers around the base. 

bridal shower centerpiece

They're my favorite by far. Here's the bar 'o food:

oreo truffles
katie's oreo truffles

dyed deviled eggs
dyed deviled eggs

ham biscuits
ham biscuits with pinwheels

I made that watermelon and honeydew salad. I just added lime juice and mint to jazz it up and it was a big hit. I used a melon baller and it made the pieces the perfect size. Here's the cake that was ordered. We're all good cake bakers but not this good. Can you believe it had 3 flavors and fed 30-something people? Our favors were chocolate bars wrapped in a homemade wrapper.

Here's more random pictures...

these were double ended sticks for the he said she said game

the guest of honor!

Hope you enjoyed! I'm ready to relax and am looking forward to the wedding. It's going to be an exercise countdown for sure!


  1. oh i just love how the focal wall turned out! i have a hunch that crepe paper will be making appearances at our future partays..

    also, i love how so many of the gifts were wrapped in pink paper or bags. color coordination = happy katie.

    1. I thought the same thing about the crepe paper!


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