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What do you get when you combine a cheap piece of thrift store art and a suitcase 
full of wine corks (besides a good time)? Why, a corkboard, of course! Yeah, I really 
thought outside of the box on this one ;) And despite what the following pictures 
may suggest, I swear I’m not an alcoholic! 

I actually inherited alllll of these glorious wine corks from a couple we’ve become 
good friends with – they travel the world and have been collecting corks for their 
entire marriage! (that’s 20+ years, folks!)

As soon as I brought them home, my brain was spinning with possibilities! You 
could use them as a vase filler with a pillar candle in the center; you could stash 
them in big ol’ glass jars on bookcases or mantles; you could line trays with them or 
make trivets; you could cut them in half and glue magnets to the back; and if there 
was a special one (like say from your wedding night, anniversary, etc.) you could 
frame it, put it in a shadow box, or even make a Christmas ornament out of it! 

I very well may do each of those projects… I certainly have enough cork to go 
around! But for my first project, I wanted to do a corkboard. Literally. To get 
started, I rummaged through our stash of old picture frames. I found one that was 
rectangular and for some reason it struck my fancy. Apparently someone once paid 
$4.00 for it in a thrift store. Speaking of which, if you’re buying frames from real 
stores, you’re wasting your money! I will never buy a brand new one again. There 
are SO many available in thrift stores for only a few bucks a pop! All you have to do 
is throw out the crappy art that is sure to accompany the frame and then paint it any 
color you like! And that’s exactly what I did here. 

I’ve been on a teal kick lately. It’s my “gold” if you will. I just used some teal paint 
that I picked up for another project a while back and slapped it on. I wasn’t super 
careful with the application because I knew I’d be distressing it as soon as it dried. 

This little test pot of paint only cost $3 or $4 and it has lasted me so long! If you’re 
painting a small piece of furniture or frames, you can just pick up a test pot and go to 
town. It’s a fun way to try new colors without committing to a whole gallon paint. 

After I roughed up my paint job a bit, I put the back of the frame back on. In this case 
it was just a piece of cardboard backing. If your frame doesn’t have a back, you could 
easily cut one to fit out of cardboard and hot glue it in place. 

Then it was just time to start picking out interesting looking corks and hot gluing 
them into place. It was really neat to look through all of them and imagine where 
they came from (Spain, Italy, France??) and it was fun to see different designs (85% 
of mine have a footprint on them ;) Which is your favorite? I’m partial to the dancing 
bull, be fresh, and bobber (one of my husband’s many, many nicknames). 

I decided to stagger the rows, like how you’d do a subway tile or lay bricks. I think it looks 
better and it was easy to cut through the cork to make smaller pieces. I saved all the 
“cuts” until the end, then marked them with a pencil and handed them over to my 

Here she is all finished and styled a bit for ya! Fact: everything is better with a paint 
chip bunting. Hope you enjoyed my super simple and free project! Sensing a theme
yet?? ;)


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