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Hi, guys! Today I’m excited to share another one of my quick and easy (and cheap!) craft projects with you – chalkboard plant markers. They’re perfect because plants are always dying coming and going around here and since they’re erasable, it’s easy to change a name whenever needed. 

Recently, I became acquainted with chalkboard spray paint and let me just tell you: it. is. awesome! I’ve pretty much just been wandering around our apartment looking for things to chalkboardify… nothing is safe! Two light coats and you can create a chalkboard on just about any surface/material you fancy. And I’ll clue you in on a little secret – Lowe’s has the best price ;) 

Let’s break this project down and let the pictures do the talking: 

Please excuse my thigh. Conditioning the surface is the most important step of chalkboardification. You just need to rub the side of a piece of chalk over the entire surface and wipe clean. This prevents whatever you write first from becoming permanent! 

For attaching the stick, I went with my trusty glue gun for instant gratification, but tacky glue would work just fine. 

Is it ironic that I don’t have any herbs right now? I have big plans of starting a container herb garden this summer… but for now, I just scribbled a little greeting on one marker and stuck it in a happy little pot on our porch J It makes me smile every time I come home. I love how this project turned out and can’t wait to get some more plants! 

Happy crafting! 



  1. I love these! I did the same thing as part of my table and cake decorations for my wedding!


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