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Hello lovelies! I'm spending my first fourth of July at home in a long time. I'm usually working so I'm a little at a loss for what to do with myself this year. I'd love to have a get together [and maybe I will] but I also know I may be pooped after 'wedding month' is over. We might just have a quiet night with tacos and a fireworks show. But if you're planning on having a fun shindig, here's some cute ideas to get ya started!

With a basic table, indoors or not, I like a simple runner instead of a tablecloth. I like to layer pieces on top of it down the middle to create a relaxed ambiance. This runner is from Pottery Barn but I usually have an affordable bolt lying around that is easy to whip out when needed. The tray is a cute place to stash condiments, silverware, etc. 

I also realllly dislike when themes [especially common ones] are taken above and beyond. The 4th doesn't have to be represented with stars and stripes. But it can be done subtly with innuendos and nods to red white and blue. Like so...

I love that the napkins have that subtle stripe but that they are different and not expected. And the red silverware has a nostalgic tug at my heart for me. It reminds me of camping and picnicking as a child. Is it just me? I like that it's just the right pop of color too. And these tumblers have a fun, carefree vibe that I'm digging. I'd get it in the red so the silverware wouldn't be lonely. 

And I love these plates. A fun pattern that you could use throughout the year too!

I hope you enjoy your Fourth and stay safe!


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