May 2013 Insta-dump

May was a whirlwind of a month and I don't think June will be any bit slower. This month was full of projects, a yard sale [while on call], and having my widsom teeth yanked out. Do read on.

1. Fun fact? I'm awful with surprises. I either forget and let something slip. I try to sneak a peek at gifts. And I have no self control when giving presents. So needless to say, even though Oscar's birthday isn't til mid June, I caved. He had no parts in it. He's been wanting a guitar, he used to play about 10 plus years ago. I have to say, it's amazing to see Oscar have a skill that I've never witnessed before. It makes my eyes grow with he plays a chord and I get all giddy. 

2. My mum's Irises are amazing. I love how hidden their home is by all their foliage. 

3. Katie brought over some peonies from her mother's garden. They lasted about a week. There's nothing like fresh flowers. 

4. I'm in total prep mode for one of my bestie's bachelorette trips. Atlantic city or bust baby! 

5. I had a yard sale this past weekend. And I was on call. Because I'm totally mentally unstable. I feel like this is a cracked out thing someone does when they don't have children. We did really well our first day and I got called in that night and ended up staying til 9 am. So needless to say, it was a one day affair. I plan on writing a post about it soon though!

6. More vinyl. It's becoming a mini hobby and a Sunday must. 

7. Mom and I went to Staunton for mother's day. We antiqued, checked out the farmers market, and enjoyed some good food and guitar tunes. It was a perfect day. 

8. Lana Del Rey is our new "channel" on Pandora and I'm really diggin it. 

9. Our bar cart. It's amazing. I love it. 

10. I found this etsy pillow shop via House Updated. They are so affordable and the quality is really amazing. I will be buying again for sure. 

1. We bought Restore for our deck and I can't wait to use it. Waiting for good weather mixed with me and a free weekend which are hard to come by these days. 

2. Some napkins I got from Pier 1 for our potting bench project. 

3. Lola. Being so adorable. 

4. My wisdom teeth experience. At first, fantastic. I was so medicated I only remember half of the car ride there. There were floating cars and double-everything. I woke up on my couch hours later. I wrote a check, I texted people, and I have no memory doing such things! How scary. But I really did feel so good. But when I went back to work I ended up getting a major headache and my jaw hurt so bad the next day. After going back to the doctor, I learned I didnt have dry socket and it wasn't infected but it didn't look great. So I went back on harder medications and didn't return to work. I have never loved real food so much. One can only take so much puddin. 

5. Styling is my favorite part of any project. And I have an arsenal of goods to choose from. 

6. Ice cream. Italian ice. Pudding. Ramen noodles. It gets old fast. 

7. Bar cart. Again. Mmmm. 

8. A pit stop for ice cream during a bridal shower planning meeting and shopping spree. After two weddings, we've got this. 

9. Nothing's better than wardrobes except borrowed wardrobes

10. Probably one of my last runs before my wisdom teeth which put me behind about two weeks. I have no excuse for this week besides having a ton to do and being exhausted. 

So that's that! If you want a sneak peek into June, follow me @thediynurse -- There will be many wedding related ones for sure this month. Looking forward to it! 

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