no round up :(

I was going to have a round up but then life got in the way. Womp womp. I was also going to announce that I will only be posting on Fridays about once a month from now on. My schedule will change from MWF to Tuesdays and Thursdays. My schedule has been full and I felt that the quality of my posts reflected that. And I wasn't cool with that. So hopefully my posts will be less frequent but chock full 'o content. I'm also going through some life changes and my hands are getting a bit full. No. I'm not preggo. ;)

Hang in there with me, eh?


  1. I think your posts are great but totally understand the need to slow things down. Best of luck and glad you are still sticking around, even on a reduced schedule!

    1. Thanks!! I'd much rather slow down than burn out all together!


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