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Something "small" that has been driving me nuts for oh let's say a year? Charlie's dog food set up. I feel the spot is pretty good. It's not an area that gets foot traffic per say.  It's not a space I intend to use in the future so it's pretty safe. But for over a year we have been using two bowls placed on top of a placemat. Said placemat gets wet, crumpled, and dirty. I can't stand it when it gets all wrinkled up and pushed around like this:

I feel the constant need to fix it. But it doesn't matter. It's only a matter of time until it's back to its old tricks. So I saw something in Real Simple Magazine a month or so ago. It was a magnetic mat that had bowls which sat on top. It was genius, semi-ugly, and about $30. So I shuffled off to Target as always.

I started with two bowls from Walmart [I may end up getting something not as deep if I can find something I like], a tray from Target, and magnets. I was going to get magnetic spray paint but was lucky enough to find a tray that had some real metal in it. If you don't have a magnet on ya while shopping, go to the kitchen section and find a magnetic timer like I did. I hot glued them to the bottom like so.

I then spray painted the tray gold. Surprise. It's been sneaking into the kitchen bit by bit. I can't stop. Here it is before in bronze. I got it in their vase/garden section if you were curious.

And here's some poorly lit after photos ;]  That's the life of a workin girl!

I love that he can't man handle it as much and that it takes up less space. Picture the cabinets white and it's even better! I wouldn't mind a larger tray in the future to catch some dribble but Charlie isn't horrible at that and it was hard to find a tray that I liked. I think it's a great solution so far and now I smile instead of having that little thing that bugs me stare back at me!


  1. love this idea - so cute!

    ps. nice hot glue gun ;)


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