pinterest challenge: geode bookends

Katie and I are at it again! When I saw these coasters at Desert Domicile, I fell hard.

I immediately wanted to collect a ton and do the same but have you seen the prices?! Also, I'm not known for my coaster using abilities. My father would be ashamed. So instead, I grabbed what I had on hand and went to town.

A few years ago Oscar took my subtle hint and bought these puppies for my birthday. I have loved them ever since but thanks to my pinspiration, I was lookin at them with new eyes. So I took a trip to Michaels. I looked at the gold leaf but thought it seemed messy, time intensive, and pricey [$12 for about five or six sheets]. But then I found this "liquid leaf" paint for half the price. I was sold. 

I tested it out with a little brush and I was happy. I didn't even bother taping anything off. I just went to town.

I know I've been on a hard-to-forgive gold kick [unless you're just as sick as me] so I understand if it's not your thing. I like to think I can paint it white if I ever get over my gold rush but for now, I'm loving how much cheerier it is! 

Check back later today for Katie's Pinterest Challenge!


  1. i'm not usually a fan of gold, but these are making me a believer! love how they turned out!


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