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I am so excited for the coming months! One of my besties is getting married, there's the Haven Conference in Atlanta, and there's a beach trip around our anniversary! On top of that, there may be some job changes. I can't help but spill the beans a little bit although nothing is official yet. I'm very excited though! So on top of all of that, we have a little summer to do list we wanted to share. We've done this with past seasons but never shared it so here goes!

1. Drive-in movie theater. We have one just a few miles away and there's something fun and nostalgic about it. I've gone as an adult only a handful of times which is a shame. Plus, as an employee of the hospital, I can get in for free which makes it even better. 

2. Picnic at our local arboretum. We considered getting married here since it's so beautiful. We don't go enough, that's for sure. I wish we could take Charlie but as usual, he isn't calm enough to take to things like that and requires a lot of supervision and such. Maybe we can work on that and take him though by the end of the summer!

3. Hike Skyline Drive and Old Rag. The drive is literally miles away and famous. Once again, we don't go enough. Old Rag is... going to kick our a$$. It's long, takes all day, and has a lot up up's and downs as well as rock scrambles. I remember there's a point where you literally have to pull yourself up a rope to move forward. We've been running a good amount and plan on hiking this weekend to ready ourselves the best we can. 

4. Camping. It's been years since we've done this and we have all kinds of good gear taking up shop in the garage. Simple and easy, we just have to take the time to do it.

5. I'd love to get another tattoo this summer. It's been on my wishlist ever since I got my last one and I'm finally sure of what I want!

6. We would love to have a summer soiree at our place. The backyard is pretty halted in place and hasn't had much progress so it may be an indoor shindig. Regardless, I want to cook and entertain. It's something we thought we would do a lot of and really haven't. 

7. I want to visit the DC Eastern Market. I saw someone instagram some goodies found there and it was instantly on the list. 

8. Make ice cream. I can't believe I haven't done this yet!

9. Go bowling and play laser tag. I missed out last time the group went and have been missing it. It's so much fun!

10. Go canoeing! Ever since I went with Katie during her bachelorette trip, I have been waiting to do it again! 

11. The yard crawl. I'll have to see if this date coincides with anything else to make sure I can go. But every year, route 11 becomes a HUGE miles long yard sale. It's phenomenal and so much fun! 

I think this to do list may be a bit unrealistic but we will see how my schedule pans out. What are your plans for this summer? 


  1. i want to do almost everything on your list! let's make it happen!

  2. ps. i just checked and it looks like the haven conference is august 1st and the yard crawl is august 10th! saweet! i have ALWAYS wanted to go and almost got to last year, but school got in the way!

    i check the drive-in every time i go past it. just waiting for a decent movie combo to show up! last year was fun doubling :)

    bob and i want to canoe SO bad! i think it would be muuuch easier with the guys as our partners. and camp, too! i want to check out "the cove" sometime - it's in gore. camping and hiking in one place!

    do you like how i'm just inviting myself to all of your dates?? #bestfriendprivileges

    1. I expected you would be at the majority of these things ;)

  3. I just found your blog and love it. I'm going to nursing school now and love love all things crafty!

    Amanda Rose


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