anniversary and wedding gifts

This past month has been full of wedding prep and this weekend it culminated into a wonderful wedding full of friends and fun. I also met up with my parents to give them their anniversary gift which made me think about doing a round up of gifts since it is the season of such things. Of course, I almost always go with the couple's gift registry but I like to wander if I feel like I know the couple and can get away with it. 

What I think can be really fun is tickets or a gift card to a fancy local restaurant, the movie theater or something even better like hot air ballooning or a boat ride. Experiences are so much more memorable than stuff and will stick with them forever [unlike a toaster that may end up in a yard sale].  

If you know the couple well enough, consider doing something with photos like a calendar or even a book made of their instagram photos [like pictures from a certain trip or time period]. You can log onto instagram.com and save their photos and use a book like these here made just for IG photos. I can't wait to do this for ourselves! 

anniversary and wedding gifts

Not all couples would dig the idea, but I've always flirted with the idea of buying a stack of vintage love letters on Etsy. It's something that may appeal more to women but I just think it's really romantic and forbidden at the same time. A peek into someone else's life!

I'm also a fan of sentimental art. Maybe something that represents where the couple is from or where they live now, where they honeymooned, etc. Consider the medium the couple would most appreciate: watercolor, print, photography, oil painting, etc. Even vintage postcards of a meaningful place would be great for a shabby chic couple. See the watercolor of the painting above? I got a similar custom piece from here and couldn't be happier.

It was the perfect gift for my parent's anniversary and will be such a great keepsake for when they have moved on to another home. The quality was amazing [its even better in person] and it pulled at the heart strings too ;)  This would be a fantastic idea for someone who has just moved into their first home too!

I also added a custom self inking stamp with the couple's name and address. I'm not sure why I've never gotten one for myself considering I've always had my eye on them and have even gotten them for others. 

I hope you enjoyed and found something perfect for wedding season!


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