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So long ago when I made the mood board for our master bedroom I included these lights for above the side tables since they're limited on surface area. I waited patiently for them to go on sale, and I nabbed them up [plus free shipping] for $68 for two [instead of $100]. And then they arrived. They're... larger than expected.

That's what she said.

So at first, I was really bummed. It just looked too large for the table it was above. But then I had Oscar hold it up and it was... okay. But then I got to thinking that we have yet to get our headboard. I'm thinking once that's in place, the light won't seem so daunting and the scale will be more on point. So tell me... help me... what do you think?!?!

On a less indecisive note... I did some easy art in the living room. Ever since I made up my spring/summer mantle I stole this little piece of heart artwork.

So this area has looked robbed since and it's stayed that way. Until now.

This past week, Oscar and I ran our first 5k. We are so proud and happy for each other and can't wait to do more- even if it kicked our butts! Okay... just mine. And since this tag happened to be pink, it was only natural it wormed its way into my living room!



  1. I definitely think once you have a headboard in there you won't notice how large those are. Maybe you could wait to hang them until you find a headboard? I've always wanted to add sconces planking our fireplace but that requires an electrician and I'm too lazy lol

    1. Yes... I'm holding off hanging them. I just thought if I got a round of 'no way jose's' that I'd just up and return them. I really like them and will probably get a cord cover although I like the funkiness the black and white cord adds :)

  2. I love the lights! Sleek, modern, and awesome. Keep them and find a way to make them work! Also like the new "art" - congrats on your first 5k!

  3. I like'em! I think they are fun and statementy. That being said, I agree that you should wait until you get the headboard so you can see the big picture to make sure they work.

    Congrats on your first 5k!

  4. The lights look great in the picture. I'm bad about scale in photos though. They are awesome lights!

  5. I like the lights. I'm sure whatever you choose to do with them will look great. Love the that's what she said joke.

    Amanda Rose

    And kudos for finishing a 5k! That's a hell of a lot better than what I did...see post below..



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