diy soap dispenser

This is a story about how a dollar tree bottle of hand soap met and fell in love with a charming pint sized mason jar; procreated; and gave the world the cutest soap dispenser known to man. Okay, so not really. it’s more about my current obsession with mason jars and recreating everything I spy on pinterest…

This project was cheap, easy, and fast [just how i like ‘em!]. Let’s break it on down.

Materials needed: 

Pint sized mason jar, bottle of hand soap [any kind will do, as long as it has a pumping mechanism], drill, glue gun, and spray paint.

1. Unscrew the top of the soap bottle and remove it. 2. Drill a hole in the lid of the mason jar – it needs to be the size of the largest part of the pump, as illustrated by my lovely finger. Don’t worry if your hole isn’t pretty, you won’t be able to see it.

3. Now, insert your pump through the hole and secure it in place with a bead of hot glue on the underside of the lid. Let it dry, which should take all of ten seconds.

4. Spray paint it in whatever color/finish you fancy. pssst! if you poke the tube through a paper plate, it makes a handy dandy shield so that you can hold it while you spray without getting paint all over yourself. Came up with that little gem all by myself ;)

5. Stand back and admire your adorable new soap dispenser. And fill it with soap. As you can see, I made a few using different metallic spray paints and different brands of soap. Can you say Christmas presents??

This project is great because it’s totally customizable to fit in with your kitchen or bathroom d├ęcor, you can use any color spray paint and any size jar! So what are you waiting for?? Go forth and make cute soap dispensers! 



  1. I love the bronze one! I'm pinning it!

    Amanda Rose

  2. We love your DIY projects and the stories you tell with them. Can't wait to see more fun finds. Welcome to the Friends of Pfister community!


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