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Last Tuesday I got off work early so I decided to actually do something. Considering I've been unmotivated lately, I was really surprised by myself. I tackled a project that has been on my to do list for oh... since we moved in [roughly three years ago]. This was our house when we first moved in:

So sad and brown. Boo. Over time, we've focused on growing grass [the renters didn't rake for a long time and there was a lot to do in that area], defrosting the garage glass windows, removing dead trees, staining the front porch and other various things. I've been wanting to change our shutters from green to black and change the front door to a more modern shape with red. I think it's a very classic color scheme with our light yellow siding. 

In one afternoon I removed all the shutters, cleaned them, and spray painted them. I swear, I'm not nuts. We have one window on the side of the house that had maroon shutters when we moved in. It took me awhile to notice but once I did I took advantage of the situation. I used them as my tester shutters assuming I would have to replace them regardless to match the rest of the house. I also bought a set of spare shutters to test on [ I had a few different black spray paints plus a protective coating]. I ended up liking Rustoleum's flat black spray paint with no protective coat. 

I have to say I was pretty nervous about spray painting shutters but after it has weathered the elements for over a year and a half, I feel confident. It still looks fantastic. I've seen spray painting of shutters that has looked horrible but I think it's all in a decent quality paint and your technique. Worst case scenario is that I have to replace them all [which is something I would've done if this wasn't an option since the green was really faded and not my dream color]. 

To take down the shutters this is what I used:

I found these "locks" at Ace thanks to the help of an employee. These were to replace the others since they had to be cut off to be removed. I used the crowbar to push the original lock forward from the shutter to give me space to fit in the saw. 

The 'lock' [I'm sure that's not technical by the way] is the round button on each corner. Be forewarned: there will be bugs, spider nests, and possibly wasp nests behind those babies... be careful! It was so gross and I may have screamed once or twice. 

Here's a picture of how dirty and faded they were:

Here's the wall after I removed them:

See the ends of the locks sticking out? I had to use a pair of needlenose pliers to pull them out. I thought I would be able to push them forward and down but that was a no-go. I used a rocking motion while pulling and it went quickly. Here's a lock before I spray painted it and one I removed from the previous shutter.

We also cleaned off behind the shutters. There's my man. 

And here it is all complete with a before and after!

I feel like its so chic- it makes me 10 times more excited to take care of our front door. Not bad for about 4-5 hours, two trips to the store [since I can't do math], and $45. That's right! Last year I found the exact rustoleum spray paint I wanted on clearance at Home Depot for only $4 a can. We ended up using almost 5 for 6 shutters. Not bad at all! Oh and we were delayed by an encounter with the wild. Remember this cute planter??

Well those plants are dead [but that's another story]. Oscar moved it to sweep the porch and when he put it down we noticed bees coming out of it. Yup. They had created several holes within the soft/seagrass like side of the container. It was a lot and yes, we killed them. I don't mess around with that kind of thing. To be honest, I'm not sure if the spray we had even killed any but it did seem to get them to vacate and we will be getting rid of it once we think all those guys have left town for good. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

So there. Something I've been putting off for forever was done in an afternoon for less than $50. Further proof that I need to work on that front door since it's been sitting in my garage too! What have you done around the house that was easier than expected??


  1. Wow! What a great before and after. Doesn't it feel good to get moving and do something on your to do list? *looks around* ...I should probably get up and do something other than read my favorite blogs...haha

    Amanda Rose

  2. What a difference! So glad you are going for the change. And I can't wait to see your front door...

  3. We spray painted our shutters last fall/winter when we repainted the front door and it made SUCH a difference! Almost like giving the entire house a facelift!

    I love inexpensive changes that make a big impact!

  4. Oh my gosh those shutters look amazing! You're so crafty!

    P.S. we're having a blogger meet up in Falls Church, if you're around and want to join! Details are up on the blog :)

    1. Thank you so much for the invite! I will probably be working so that's a bummer :( Anyone going to Haven??


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