june 2013 insta-dump

I can't believe we are in July. Do I say this every month? June flew by with lots of paperwork for a new job [which is still underway] and wedding events for a bestie of mine. So my blog and my insta-life has suffered a bit. I hope to turn that around in July!

1. My hair never looks this good. Don't be jealous- it lasted maybe an hour or two. Enough to get me through the rehearsal [but not the dinner]! The filter dims it a bit but I love my new-ish red hair. It helps me embrace my paleness. 

2. I already mentioned how into this artist I am. My mom pointed out that this custom painting was a missing a chimney on the right but I think the photo was cut off in her defense. I'm still over the moon about the quality and uniqueness of it. 

3. We helped the bride rig these cuties. I may never get over the tissue paper pouf. Ever.

4. Oy, Poor Otis. We realized he had a problem when he would cry [a different meow than his normal hunger pains] and run to the bathroom, where nothing else occurred but him attempting to go. After calling around to find a vet [a surprising hard feat on thursday morning apparently] we learned it was a life or death situation in male cats. After obtaining a specimen and testing it, it was confirmed that he had a UTI. My poor baby. I really need to upload a video of him crying the entire way to the vet. I literally had to take him out of the carrier and hold him. He's already improving although he isn't a fan of his liquid antibiotics. There. More than you ever wanted to know about my cat and his UTI. I blame the cat lover nurse in me.

5. Frisbee. You will sweat much more than expected and will hurt the next day. Very similar to wedding dancing. 

6. Tapas. Where. Have. We. Been!?!? I had some business to do for my new job to take care of and we stumbled upon this place just 40 minutes away from home. Amazing selection, food, prices, and decor. A home-run in my book!

7. I ran a lot this month in an attempt to fit into my bridesmaid dress. I went from about 3 inches away from snapping and zipping up to a comfy fit and less armpit fat! I was very proud. Which didn't last too long after a full dinner and plenty of... fluids. 

8. Cats. I love em. 

9. Running.

10. Ditto. 

11. The Borgata... where we stayed for our Bachelorette weekend! 

12. Bridal shower goodness

13. Wolf Gang Puck's restaurant in the Borgata. Gnocchi and a chocolate souffle with hazelnut ice cream. I was in heaven. 

14. My bar cart was featured

15. More bridal shower :)

Hope you're having a fabulous July already!


  1. I just moved my childhood cat to my new apartment 1.5 hours away. She cried the whole way and ended up crawling into my lap so I could cradle her like a little baby. She finally fell asleep 5 minutes from our apartment! It broke my heart. Hope your kitty gets better!

    Amanda Rose

    1. all is well in kitty land, Amanda! Hope yours is settled in her new home- I can only imagine the trouble that will happen when we start to professionally travel. Someone will have to have some feline benadryl!

  2. Poor Otis! I'm a cat lover, too. I hope he feels better!


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