summer to do list update

Life keeps getting crazier and crazier. I have had going away parties at work but... I'm still there. I'm waiting on my PA nursing license to come in so right now I'm hanging out and it's a weird place to be. It's so frustrating to know you're about to go through a really big change but to feel stunted and stuck. Needless to say, I'm stressed. And on top of all of that, I've been one busy girl. Here's my update on our summer to do list:

1. Drive in movie. We haven't done this just because of schedule snafoo's but we will get there. I have to do this while I'm still an employee of the hospital so I can get in for free!

2. Picnic at the arboretum. We haven't done this either but I'm one step closer. The lovely ladies on my heart team bought me an adorable picnic basket as a going away gift. If I don't go away until later, do I get another gift? I was thinking of squishing Charlie in it and doing a photoshoot. Maybe one of the cats. 

3. Hike Old Rag and Skyline. We hiked Old Rag this weekend. I hate myself. Note that I went out drinking the night before for my going away party. To be honest, I wasn't really thinking of Saturday. I was thinking of free margaritas. I attempted to talk Katie out of it with sending her a picture of a rainy forecast. She sent back a sunny one. Off we were. For the first mile my head was throbbing. It's about four miles up to the top involving rock scrambles and literal rock climbing. 

But we were rewarded with this view [and a 5 mile trek downhill plus 1 more to the parking lot each way]. We were a new brand of stink. And I apologize for anyone eating Rudy's pizza 8pm Saturday. Oh and woo hoo for making it off the mountain before dark considering we had a late start!


Yup we don't get out much.

4. Camping. We will get there. 

5. Tattoo. I'm excited for this one!

6. Soiree. It was more like a taco shin dig but I'd say it was enough to keep me satisfied for awhile!

7.  DC eastern market. I'm thinking I may end up traveling to DC for nursing so I'll keep this one in my back pocket!

8. Make ice cream. I just grabbed two magazines that have ice cream recipes in them so now I'm armed and ready!

9. Bowling and laser tag. Laser tag is on the schedule for this weekend assuming I am not leaving for Philly. 

10. Canoe! And we did. We went several miles down the Shenandoah River. Although it was fun we all agreed we could've done with a few less miles. Even Oscar got burned [which is like the second time in his life ever- all gingers feel free to scoff, I did]. 

11. The yard crawl... waiting for August to come by so I can get my thrift on!

I was thinking of going over my personal goals for 2013 and the house ones but honestly, it's a lot and I think I'd lose you. But it really is crazy how much what you want and what your goals are change over such a short period of time!


  1. You guys are keeping busy! I still want to go canoeing this summer. Make that cabrewing - way better and less work!

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  3. What a BEAUTIFUL trip. I would love to hike that mountain! Love love love to.
    Good for you for having a summer do to list...I've been slaving away at my "40 things to do before I turn 20" which is hard to complete when you are in nursing school AND working as a resident aide at an assisted living community.

    Amanda Rose

    1. nursing school... ack! i was happy to survive. having a life is a joke... good luck though ;)

  4. Wow! so many cute pics of you guys rock climbing and that view is totally worth it! Breathtaking!

    If you come to DC we definitely should meet up!

  5. Seriously. Old Rag looks ridiculous. And to do it hungover? Or semi-hungover? Or even not hungover at all? Impressive!


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