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I'm new to Ulta. Or rather, it's new to me. And I know this is a diy blog, but remember, things are changing around here. After all, I'm writing this in the Target/Starbucks in Philly. But that's another post. In the past year or so, I've had a deepening fascination with makeup and all things girly. I've started to watch you-tubers [or do we call them vloggers??] and pay more than $2 for whatever is going on my face. Where were these people when I was in junior high? Really?!?

So excuse the i-photos and take this post for what it is... a little show and tell of expensive goodies I shouldn't have bought. We shall all ooo and ahhh together. And Oscar, if you're reading this, please stop here. And stop searching for the receipts. I burned them. 

I use Tarte's amazonian clay foundation [in fair, I think]. I use the whitest tone for winter and up it a shade for the summer. My life as a ginger I suppose. Side note... does anyone pronounce it tar-tare in their heads? Anyone? Anyways, it goes on really well with a kabuki brush and has the perfect amount of coverage. I used to use tinted moisturizers but I have a lot of red undertones and this hides that nicely. The whole using a brush to put on foundation thing is new to me and wow. Again, I wish I would've known about this years ago. It feels really light, has even coverage, I have more control over where it goes, and it looks like an airbrushed finish. I'm in love!

The L'oreal sunscreen is different. In all the good ways. It's oily [and yet, it protects]. And it smells divine. It's like you put on a sexy lotion. I really like it and so far it seems to work. I haven't used the sun bum stuff yet but I plan on using it on my face. 

From what I gather, primers and setting sprays have the same goal: to keep your makeup on your face. After seeing benefit's Stay Flawless primer on blogs and noticing mine was drastically fading during the day [I put on and take off masks all day at work], I made the plunge. So far, I'm pretty impressed. I still have a hard time around my mouth area but I can tell it's made a big difference. Granted, I'm using it in combination with the evian spray so I can't give it all the credit. The spray is really nice and it was only like 99 cents so I couldn't say no. When I spray just a short, fine mist on my skin looks so much more radiant and alive. Sounds kind of creepy!

I snagged this facial cleanser on clearance at Target and have been happy with it. I like that it removes makeup too so I leave the shower a little less raccoon-y. The Olia is the hair color I've been using for awhile now. I got really frustrated with some bad salon experiences. I figured I could mess my own hair up for a third of the price. And after finding this ginger blogger, I stole her color and have been happy ever since. The red does fade quickly [as most do] so I tend to color more than I should. It's a sickening disease. But there's no ammonia and no gross smells. Win win for me and my hair!

This mask was $6 at Ulta. I've been wanting to get a mask for awhile now so I jumped on it. Still not really getting it. Maybe its one of those over-time-things? It was okay. And it smelled of strawberries which kind of weirded me out. The ROC night cream was on clearance at Target and I'm overdue on finding a night time cream. I love Olay's regenerating cream but since I've fallen in love with it, the price has gone up, up, and up! This was the only thing I've found since that was close to it [but when it's full price it's just as expensive]. I'll take any recommendations!

I asked the Ulta-girl-at-the-counter about eyeliner. Nothing seems to stick to my bottom lash line and I've been really frustrated with the fading during the day thing. She recommended this to me. At $26, it was hard to swallow but it was worth every penny. It's a really large pencil so I think it'll last a long time, it goes on very easily, and. it. stays.  [!!!]

The Neutrogena Moisture Smooth color stick is amazing. It reminds me of a drier version of their lip tint [which I love as well]. The colors goes on easily and you can control how vibrant it is. Unfortunately, I'm a bad blogger and left these guys in my hotel room and can't remember their names for the life of me. I also haven't used those nail polishes up there but I will probably tonight [I'm thinking the gold since I just had pink]. I'm happy to have found some small nail polishes though for a cheaper price so I'm non-committal when it comes to things like that. 

I also snagged these fellas. Haven't used the dry shampoo yet but I'm in love with the sea salt spray. I can't say it does much for my curls but the smell and and texture is fantastic. I'm currently using it before bed on days that don't matter. For instance, I shower at night and days that I work my hair is always covered up for the entire day. And then I have hat hair when I get out. So I've given up on trying on work days. Sorry.


I grabbed these guys on super clearance. I love the tribal-ness of them. And hooooray for finding the last pair of size 5/6 [and them actually fitting]! But really. That bag. Oy. 

Not pictured: Toilet paper and a catnip stuffed mouse. 

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