bathroom makeover revised

So remember when I shared this little gem? Since then, not much has happened in the bathroom. We've also been considering renting or selling our home after making some updates as well. So with that in mind, we've been looking at our bathroom with new eyes. As much as I'd love an overhaul, it's not in the stars [or the budget]. Seeing as how we won't be living here in a year or so [we think], we want to do a makeover on a budget. 

This is what we are working with:

The floor is gross. There's chipped and stained tiles as well as the grout being super super stained. It has to go. The toilet is taupe and I guess because of its age, it doesn't work really well. It works enough but is a bit of a water waster. We will upgrade to a white one for sure. The tub is almond as well and I bought a kit to paint it white [$30 value on clearance for $8]. I'm nervous about that! 

As for the vanity, I don't like it. It's also taupe but it's in good shape so it's staying. We've already demoed the side pieces and need to repair the drywall. So instead of an entirely new vanity we will paint the one we have and try to work with the taupe. 

bathroom makeover

I'm thinking of using a grey for the walls although I might go lighter than what's shown here. I'll use a splash of red for a rug and some flowers but that's probably it. The towel pictured above is from Ikea and has a built in tab to hang it from. I bought that and four white ones that are similar this weekend. I also got these hooks and toilet roll holder:

I love them because they're so simple and way cheaper than towel bars. They also take up less space which helps in this bathroom. 

The rug pictured above is an Afghanistan prayer rug. I think it's so pretty and love how it has lots of colors in it. Assuming it fits, I'll get something similar instead of a bath mat. I'm not too worried about moisture since we rarely use the shower. 

The hardware is from Ikea's Ekeboda line. I bought it this weekend but the longer bar looks silly [it's too long] and I neglected to remember that there's three doors instead of two underneath. I'll have to go back- darn ;)

For the floor, I'd like a similar tile that I've mentioned before. A mother of pearl inspired tile that marries the taupe and white. The vanity will most likely be painted white but I'm still not sure on that. I can be so indecisive sometimes! Another big change is that I won't be tiling behind the mirror [the one we got ended up being very large and it would be a waste of time to tile behind it as little of it would show. 

The basket I have pictured is very similar to the one I bought this weekend at home goods! I usually don't do well there [I think it's one of those hit or miss things and I usually miss] but this day I did good. Picture it next to the toilet holding toilet paper. I love it! 

I also bought a mirror at the yard crawl this weekend. I want to share all my finds in another post so let's just say I got it super cheap and will need to paint it. So here's everything in list form:

- replace tile
- new shower curtain and rod
- paint vanity
- paint tub
- knock out sides of countertop
- new light and move light box up
- paint mirror
- paint walls
- change faucet and shower head
- light
- hardware
- rug
- new toilet

I was feeling all confident and ahead of the game before I made that list. 


  1. Caroline!! keep on diying! I love it! your style is growing and blossoming!! I just love all things home. Other than my hubby and children, it's basically all I think about! Most of my friends don't get it. But you totally do. Can't wait to do some projects of my own. Gotta quit looking at pinterest, knockoffdecor.com, houzz and just get busy! ps. the pic of you is so cute! you are as adorable as ever. :)

    1. Thank you Stacey!! We have so much to do still and I'm excited to start some larger projects. Did you go to the yard crawl this past weekend? That's my next post!

  2. I'm liking the new revisions! Very fresh with a pop!


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