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It's been awhile since I've been on the ultimate hunt for a front hallway runner. I never knew I wanted one until I saw something similar on House Tweaking. My light bulb went off. I had been pinning these gorgeous rugs left and right. But because they were in homes that blended modern and bohemian - which didn't look like mine- I never considered it. 

Doesn't it look great? I knew I wanted it in our entryway since that hallway is the first thing you see when you enter. I looked for awhile. Anything I liked was at least $200 in general but here are the ones I considered before finding mine:




They all were either too pricey or had inconsistent reviews [a red flag for anything that I can't easily return]. In the end I went with Ebay which surprised myself. I usually don't shop there but I was very pleased. I used Americana Closeouts. Their reviews were positive, the pictures were of decent quality, they accepted paypal, and shipping was free. Not to mention my runner was 8 feet long and cost me $160. It's hand-knotted and wool. It didn't smell funny. And my free shipping resulted in a crazy 3 day turnaround. Insane. But enough talk. Let's look.


Sorry about the lighting. Even after painting the wall white, if it isn't very sunny outside it's hard to get a decent photo in that part of the house. By the way- I painted the wall white! Ha. It was a dark green that you see in the gallery on the right. It helps the area feel lighter and brighter. Back to my rug though... I love it and feel so sophisticated. It also reminds me of my parents since they had lots of old rugs like this in the home I grew up in. I actually asked them thinking it was in storage [hoping I could get something on the cheap, by cheap I mean free] but they had sold it with the home way back when. Boo. But yay. Yay for Ebay coming through! 

So far it has attracted cat hair [that happens when a cat claims something and lays there for 9 plus hours]. No one has peed on it. I bought little pads at Target to go underneath so we aren't slippin and sliding. And my hallway now feels complete and grown up. Who knew.

Anyone else find the right thing that you didn't know was missing until you brought it home??


  1. Looks so great and it fits the space perfectly! And I agree, Dana's rug is awesome inspriration.

  2. This looks amazing Caroline! Thanks for sharing your source too. I've been wanting a similar runner but can't bring myself to shell out the big bucks.

    1. Sometimes being cheap has its rewards. I tried to find something similar at a yard sale but when people know what they have its not worth it!


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