ikea hack: rens sheepskin

For awhile, we've been living with this:

This chair is from Pier 1 and I love it [I also can't seem to find it so I don't think it's for sale anymore]. The lines are great and it brings great texture to the room. But the faux leather was not dealing well with two cats. My cats make 'biscuits' every now and then but don't necessarily scratch furniture. This was from them purely jumping up on the chair. It was something we were always embarrassed by and I didn't know how I wanted to do it. I thought I could buy some real leather to replace it but would it just get ruined too? And any upholstery fabric would look silly with the rest of the chair. So instead of moving forward, we covered it up with a blanket and hoped nobody would notice. 

Until this weekend. We've had Ikea's Ren sheepskin sitting on another chair and my little light bulb flickered. 

See it? It called out to me and was all like 'heeeeeyyyy girlfriend. I'm all plush. Wanna sit on me?' 

That got weird.

Anyways. I've never reupholstered squat but I figured this was doable since the seat was able to pop out. I used a flat head screwdriver to pry out the staples and rip off the bottom. 


I then used a screwdriver to remove the screws that kept the seat in place and popped it out. I laid the seat down on the sheepskin and it just barely fit. I did the tightest spots first to make sure it would make it. I just used a stapler gun.

It's not a project around here unless I get some help.

I went all around, making sure there wasn't any major gaps or puckering. Then I trimmed it.

Here she is. Excuse the photos. I couldn't help myself. 

I love it. It's so fun and unexpected. It's not something that will last forever, but if I remember correctly, it was only around $13. The only downside? It has now been claimed by Lola and Charlie may have been caught on it, too. I can't blame them though! 


  1. Looks so cozy! Now that you've reupholstered, don't you kind of want to do it to everything? You'll get the bug!

    1. Yes!! The only thing stopping me is my skill level! All our other furnishings are more involved. I need an upholsterer BFF ;)

  2. Yaaay!!! It looks awesome. I adore it!


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