july 2013 insta-dump

Oh July, what a whirlwind. 

1. Philly. Jump to three because this isn't in order and I just figured that out. I am so not remaking this sucker. 

2. Honeygrow is a tiny chain in PA full of organic and healthy choices. You can use a computer touch screen monitor to order a custom stir-fry, salad, or yogurt sundae. I really enjoyed it but was more in love with their design!

3. This one. After a somewhat drastic and last minute decision, I left my job! I am now working as a travel nurse- a dream I didn't think would happen so soon. A company pays me to go to hospitals [of my choice] where I work in the OR. Think: someone quit and they need skilled help stat [it can take several months to properly train someone for the OR, hence the need]. So far, it's been amazing and I've learned a lot. It makes me so excited to sell our house so that we can travel all together and go further. For now I'm in Philly and have been pleasantly surprised. I'm thinking of creating another blog or a division of this one dedicated to travel nursing... we will see!

4. This bag was one of the goodies I snagged on Target clearance. It's pretty and makes me smile. 

5. I painted our shutters and I liked it. It looks soooo good. 

6. Old Rag. The meanest of hikes. I think there's still somewhere on my body that hurts. 

7. Taco night documentation. Mango salsa. Black bean and corn salsa. Mmmmm. Oh, and twinkle lights for the win. 

8. Canoeing. Cross that off the summer list please! Soon there will be a fall list... which is kind of depressing. 

9. Yep. I did my first 5k and I feel pretty badass about it. Nevermind the fact that I haven't run since. Except to the fridge. Nevermind I barely squeaked in by the 40 minute time limit. Nevermind that I went to IHOP afterwards. Just. Nevermind. 

10. July fourth. Like, the first one I haven't spent at work or in bed. Okay, it was more like the eve of the fourth but beggars can't be choosers. There were fireflies [and only one mosquito- a first], fireworks, thai food, and milkshakes. It was kind of perfect. 


  1. I'm glad you finally explained the new job...you should do a bigger post about it! How long will you be in Philly? Okay maybe I still don't FULLY understand this new job...So glad your loving it though!

    1. Ha its ok! Even other nurses have tons of questions too. I'll be in Philly for about 6 more weeks off and on :)

  2. Love LOVE your comments on the 5k. We are real people. Real people who may hate running. Real people who run a 5k (or don't http://sewmuchtosay.blogspot.com/2013/05/anti-running-and-rant.html)
    just to cross it off a list. Real people who eat real delicious food.
    Just nevermind.

    Amanda Rose


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