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I have been wanting to share this little update since last week but had other things to post about. Then after a full week and weekend in Philly, I came home [all for a day and a half] only to realize that my computer was on the fritz. And by on the fritz, I mean on the edge of death. It's okay, we knew it was coming. My mom bought it for me during college and it was a dinosaur even then [sorry mum, it's true]. It's had issues for the past year [like freaking out if I ever put it on hibernate or sleep]. So we were prepared for this day although I wasn't up for spending so much time at Target and Best Buy. Boo. I've since upgraded to a google chromebook. I really really really wanted a macbook but it wasn't in the cards [or the budget]. But that's another post for another day. Let's move on to my pretty hallway shall we?

I wanted to do a large piece of art on this now boring and white wall. But I didn't want to spend money. Which after the computer glitch of 2013, is a little ironic. Then I remembered the letterpress tray that I bought over a year ago and didn't know what to do with. Yay hoarding tendencies! I think I got it for less than $20 at the antique emporium and it's really large. I'm still debating painting it since it's hard to see all the goodies I added to it. 

I am in love. We had some leftover leather string from a project I can only assume never happened. Seriously, I've had that stuff kicking around since high school. Again, mad hoarder skillz coming into play. Skillz with a 'z' cuz I'm kool like that. 

Filling this sucker up was a bit hard. I apparently only accumulate large objects. So at first it was a bit of a struggle to find little objects that were meaningful but it got easier. Especially after a trip to Philly and the beach! I've since added: shells, cookie fortunes, corks, driftwood, cut up photo strips from the photobooth at our wedding, a paper flower, an ID tag I got on etsy with Oscar's deets, and antique keys. My air plant is sitting on top. We have a semi-unhealthy relationship where I pretend he's still alive. And he screams out in agony.

The little ceramic crane is from our trip [I have a ton to tell you but that's another post or two]. Also, I was battling time and poor lighting. That hallway is where light goes to die and it's a nightmare to photograph. Oh and as for how I hung the letterpress tray... I'm using 3M strips since I'm lazy and didn't want to bother with anything fancy. It's been up for 2 weeks and hasn't budged a bit. The leather strap is stapled to the back and made to look like it's holding it up by a rustic nail but it's all a mirage. Fake. Magic. I am a magician. 

On a humorous side note: On the way home from buying a new computer, external hard-drive  and a wireless printer that later didn't work, I announced that 'I felt fancy.' This was apparently followed by a very gross belch. The sad part? Oscar had to point out the irony.  

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  1. i love our letter press tray. its one of my very favorite ways to display all of the little treasures we tend to accumulate :)


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