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This past weekend was a whirlwind of shopping and thrifting. I'm so excited to share everything I saw and bought. So here goes... we will start with the yard crawl. This is a multi-city yard sale that goes along our famous route 11. This year we started in New Market and came all the way back to my home of Stephen's City. I think we started around 8 am [in the pouring rain no less] and wrapped up around 5 pm [in the sweltering sun]. Here's some goods we found!

The first picture is one of several tables. Everything was $1 so when you thought about it, it was overpriced junk but Katie and I both ended up being attracted to the 'I spy' method of browsing. The table on the right was less than $100 if I remember correctly. The mirror on the bottom is what we bought for our bathroom makeover. It is massive. After chatting up a store owner we learned they were selling large pieces in a warehouse. We went and in the first part it was all laminate desks and just crap. But the second part housed furniture, tv's, frames and mirrors from a liquidated hotel in NYC. We got that mirror for our bathroom for $10. Can't make this stuff up folks. And this frame below?? $5. Can't wait to spray paint it and replace the art. Katie and Bob ended up getting really really really large frames for $10 each. We went nuts and were high-fiving. Serious nerd alert. 

 We also ended up wandering down a main street and into a gallery. It was really an old house converted and I was gasping at the architectural details and not the art. Classic me. But really. Gorgeous and original glass door knobs, a clawfoot tub, a swing door with stained glass, and original windows with pulleys??! I was so obnoxious and stroked everything in sight. I have such a soft spot for older homes. And creaky floors. 

I'm regretting not getting these silver chairs below. I know I could've resold them for 5 times as much as they were priced [$10 each]. Did they not know what they had?! I'm totally kicking myself for walking away but in reality, I'm already borderline hoarder. And look at that first aid kit below. It was a little pricey but between that [it is my logo after all]  and that tin ceiling I was in love. That was in a bookstore that had been converted from an old soda bar/ pop shop. The mint dresser was so sweet and perfect for a girl's room. And that coffee table? $75 and had that bone inlay look to it. 

I posted the picture of the recipe box on Instagram and later regretted not snapping it up since it was only $5. I thought it was so cool to see old recipes and wonder who made them and what parties that food went to. The ceramic hedgehog totally reminded me of YHL

The adorable picnic basket was only $4 and had some blue gingham inside. This cake cover was a bit sentimental to me. My parents had tins with the same maker/style which they gave to my sister and it really took me back.

The rain didn't keep us from enjoying all these good deals. Then two days later we headed to Ikea and Homegoods. I had budgeted $200 and only spent $21 on the yard crawl. The mirror for $10, two frames for $10 and $1.05 on a corduroy jacket and vest that fit Oscar perfectly.

I got this hardware set for our bathroom makeover but will have to exchange it for a different size and amount. 

I loved all of these chairs from Ikea! And that Hemnes glass cabinet was so pretty [I would love it in white]. Wouldn't it look good to put a few of them together for a tv unit or one in the bathroom?

I loved all of this plant paraphernalia. The succulents on the bottom were $20 and huge. I love them but with my black thumb it would've been a bit of waste of money. And see that large white table?? It was in the as-is section [along with many in a box]. It was massive and marked down to a mere $60. It took a lot to walk away. 

I loved all the art and baskets. Wouldn't that art look so cute in a kids room? And I love the yellow container with wooden lid. I'm waiting for it to become less than 25 buckeroos. 

Here's the homegoods goods:


I've been looking for a basket for this nook for a long time. It holds our cushions for the chairs from outside [which haven't made it outside yet ironically enough]. It fits perfectly and the scale is spot on. I just would like to de-yellow the space. It's a bit much. 

I also got this box for only $15. I thought it was so beautiful and very mother of pearl-ish.

I wanted this box below too. Bone inlay goodies are cropping up everywhere and I love it. This one was a hefty $30 and it had a big chip in the front. I was pretty disappointed. The basket I snatched up for only $10. I loved the stools and thought if recovered they would look adorable at the end of a bed. The stool/side table was $60. I love the hammered copper look and it was such a good deal- I've seen similar at West Elm. 

I ended up spending just under my 200 mark and am so happy with my purchases! Anyone else find some yard sale finds this summer? Any multi-city or state yard sales I need to know about?

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